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  1. Very tempting. Has anyone done this to fix his Type R transmission issue?

    As a content creator, the most efficient ratio of $ per video is around 10 min (lower now I think, like 8 min) which is why you see a ton of videos around 10-11 minutes long on youtube. It is also annoying when someone drags a video out so long for so little info. Basically repeating the same...
  2. Can we talk about the weird toxicity in FB Type R groups?

    Egos run high and tact runs low on Facebook. Combined with people from different phases in life (read: immature) it's a tinderbox ready to blow. That being said, I still use it as it is a valuable source of customers for the modules I sell. I only really participate in the local Type R group...
  3. Owning a dog and a Type R

    My 64 lb dog does fine in the trunk area with the seats up. However because he sheds like a mofo I got him a crate that just barely fits, of course you'll have to lower your rear seat though to fit: I also supplement...
  4. Very tempting. Has anyone done this to fix his Type R transmission issue?

    I mean in the nur record video you mention the dude grinds it several times if you listen closely.
  5. Valvetrain Ticking Sound (NOT GDI TICK)

    To assuage your fears, here is the sound of mine on a cold start. The ticking is normal.
  6. Valvetrain Ticking Sound (NOT GDI TICK)

    Wouldnt your car be running way worse in all points of the RPM range if it skipped enough to cause a tick? Honestly don't hear anything amiss in the video other than a fast idle at cold.
  7. DIY Brake Fluid Flush with Motive Pressure Bleeder

    In my video for brakes I add fluid to the motive so I don't need to worry as much about topping off the reservoir. In my second video for the clutch I just use it while empty to pressurize the reservoir.
  8. DIY Brake Fluid Flush with Motive Pressure Bleeder

    Thanks for the heads up! Weird, i wonder if it changed the URL when i updated the title. Fixed now.
  9. 10k miles oil change interval Type R

    As I'm sure you've already read, one of oil's purposes is to catch and suspend combustion particles, and clean the engine. If "new" looking oil comes out of your car at 5k miles it isn't doing its job. while visual inspection outside of sludge pouring out wont tell you condition of the oil...
  10. Electrical Issue: Turning Steering Wheel causes Radio to Restart, and More

    Good luck! the terminal was tight on mine, instead, it was the main ground that caused all of my issues. From what I found the grounds test fine with a simple multimeter when the car is off. The problem manifested only when the car was on and there was an electrical load. sucks when it's a brand...
  11. Saccucci Honda Care warranty and After Market Parts

    your mileage may vary lol. hopefully the dealer you have is lenient
  12. Saccucci Honda Care warranty and After Market Parts

    Honda care is a national plan, not dealer specific. it's really YMMV depending on your dealer. I know you can find plenty of stories of warranty work being denied because of mods. The question is whether the dealer you plan on taking it to cares.
  13. Remus exhaust worst experience

    lol they're willing to die on that hill it seems. Sorry for the trouble you're having.
  14. Anyone bought Honda Care extended warranty for their Type R??? My car is mechanically stock for warranty reasons.
  15. Don't Drag Race a Sonata N-Line

    I'll give credit to where credit is due. Yea it's not gonna be beating track records but for a DD it's got potential. Way, way more range than the CTR too. there are tests on youtube against the TLX and Accord. Sonata beats them both handily when not using their buggy launch control.
  16. Electrical Issue: Turning Steering Wheel causes Radio to Restart, and More

    I can happily report to this day the issue has not returned. Absolutely check your grounds if you have random electrical issues. Still running the original battery too.
  17. Infotainment Crashing

    Meant to double quote the guy above you too. I mean when mine was acting "normally" it would also freeze and lock up randomly with no rhyme or reason, although freezing was much rarer. It would mostly restart randomly. Took 16k miles for it to get really bad. It's not hard to do...but i guess...
  18. Infotainment Crashing

    I highly recommend trying to clean your grounds. Sounds like the headunut is losing power altogether and resetting. Aside from mine being caused by turning the wheel, it is very similar to what you guys are describing. Random freezes, reboots while driving, and I hop in my car and start it and...
  19. Infotainment Crashing

    Hey yea, so i needed to remove the main ground, clean the surface of paint where it mounted with some sandpaper, and then remounted. There are videos online on how to determine whether the grounds are good on youtube using a simple multimeter. I had issues with my infotainment restarting...
  20. How long do you warm up your ctr for?

    i drive gently and out of boost until the coolant temp gauge reaches midway. I continue to drive gently for another 5 min or so after that and then drive normally. GF's 435i has an oil temp gauge instead of a coolant gauge and it does take a long time for the oil in that engine to warm up to...