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  1. Very tempting. Has anyone done this to fix his Type R transmission issue?

    That's the route I was going to go if needed based on research. If you're having the issue just get that replacement CMC from that guy imo.
  2. Washington FS: Top1 F/R Vents

    They added some hardware for Honda Sight behind those vents so it may not be viable for anyone post 2019 I think is what he's saying. Good luck with sale those look neat - shots on your car?
  3. Wheel noob - 19" / 18" performance change questions -

    I keep punching my car over the past few days and I guess I just can't feel anything that feels super ''I had to correct it aggressively" that I associate with torque steer. Just pulls straight as an arrow and goes where I point it.
  4. Wheel noob - 19" / 18" performance change questions -

    Yeah sometime we can try and meet up you're out there! lol I just took my R to run an errand and laid into it here and there and it still feels super straight and easy to manage - now I don't drop the hammer smoke the tires in first - it's not that kind of car imo - I roll onto first - then...
  5. Wheel noob - 19" / 18" performance change questions -

    Close to RIchmond and Shepherd - 4 miles or so from downtown.
  6. Wheel noob - 19" / 18" performance change questions -

    I'm referring to torque steer turning the car hard when you punch it - to me the Type R feels very neutral and straight when I punch it - I associate torque steer with my old VW Tiguan or GTi where the wheel would violently pull to the right when you punched it and it was fighting to pull you as...
  7. Rank in order your favorite type r color to the least favorite color

    I fixed your post you had a typo - Couldn't agree more bud. Well said
  8. Does it seem like there are a lot of short term owners?

    This just indicates that California is further deterioriating into a third world country more than anything. How sad.
  9. Does it seem like there are a lot of short term owners?

    Lol what? I'd love to drive this thing daily even in traffic.
  10. Thought I share this video of my ‘21 CTR...

    Neat momento for your car and thankfully you got the BEST color. (no bias here at all) Enjoy!
  11. Should I pay markup at this point?

    Hey friend - Houston here - I bought from Louisiana since I saved 6k doing so. Just look around us by around 1000 miles and road trip out there / drive your car home. Good luck with your search!
  12. Does it seem like there are a lot of short term owners?

    You need to find some road you're familiar with and really get into it - you're not pushing hard enough if this is your takeaway lol. Good luck and everyone different but to say this is numb for a car driving normally feels weird to me. Long history of performance cars and I rank this among...
  13. Does it seem like there are a lot of short term owners?

    Look at the economy bud lot of dreams crushed and people have to sell. Also some number of people may get tired of a stickshift if they have a high traffic area etc.. Tough times for a lot of people imo @Shred disagree - I have an M2 as well as the Type R and I think I'd take the Type R if...
  14. 2021 CTR 1K miles impressions & questions

    I drive fast and hard - let me put it this way - I replaced my front tires at 7k :x Good luck but may as well check your CMC adjustment now if it's that bad :) Every car different bud - a LOT of people had to get the CMC adjusted to get the experience I have on my car it feels. Simple thing...
  15. 2021 CTR 1K miles impressions & questions

    I didn't end up needing to adjust the CMC just when I was about to the grinding I had experience just seemed to fade away with miles. I drive - hard - all my cars - but I was about to do the following - CMC adjustment if that didn't work CMC replacement / modification...
  16. 2021 CTR 1K miles impressions & questions

    Put more miles on or adjust your Clutch Master Cylinder (there is a good writeup that you can follow to do it in your driveway) I promise I was feeling as you did when I first got my Type R - I shift and drive fast and I don't grind at all anymore after the transmission broke in. But try the...