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  1. Shift Boot Swapping for CVT

    I think it should work. The shift boot I got is for a manual.
  2. Shift Boot Swapping for CVT

    So you want to use a manual shift boot for your CVT?
  3. Canada - Ontario Rear Lighting Tee Harness Kits AVAILABLE NOW!

    Can i use this for the rear fog light?
  4. Official POLISHED METAL METALLIC Civic Thread

    Thank you. They are OEM headlights with my own custom made overlays (available for purchase). The other lights are aux lights for style. The fog lights are Morimoto xB.
  5. Text messages? Do I have to have my Iphone plugged in for some pop up/notification?

    As long as your phone is connected via BT, you are good to go on notification on the OEM HU.
  6. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Cut the new DRL overlay for my headlights and side markers. Link for the film here
  7. Eibach Sportline vs Pro-kit

    You can go with just the springs by itself without the needs for the sway bar and end links. Since you already have the Si sway bar, upgrading your end links (plastic/rubber) to the Accord's ones (aluminum) is an economic upgrade for around $20 if I recalled correctly. Now for the sway bar, my...
  8. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Replaced the stock center speaker with the Blaupunkt aftermarket one. Been a fan of the brand since 2000.
  9. Finding your purpose in life?

    It happens to me constantly. I don't hate what I'm doing for a living but I feel like I am not enjoying it as much. It's a constant battle within myself. However, I have to think for my family too. As long as I'm providing for them and make them happy, I'm cool with what I'm doing.
  10. Post your tinted windows

    Are those Mugen wheels?
  11. Who else has parts waiting for install?

    Pending arrival of front sway bar and center speaker.
  12. widebody kit from ebay

    My boy used to have this kit on his hatchback. Doesn't look right since it is made for sedan. You can find the same kit on Aliexpress for $300-$400 shipping included.
  13. Realistically, what is the next car you are aiming to get in the next couple years?

    I'm keeping my Civic until the wheels fall off. Planning to get a z31 for less than 8k. Bigger goal would be an NSX 1st gen.
  14. Where is/was your rattle?

    Front and rear tweeter on passenger's side
  15. Texas FS: OEM parts

  16. Cell phone mount?

    This is what i use. It also offers fast charge.
  17. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Oh i just saw that. I'm going to buy the big roll and cut it to the shape of the touring headlights. Wish me luck lol
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Thinking about adding the biohex films for the headlights that I found on Amazon. Anyone has done this?
  19. smoked side markers

    This is what I have. Solid product!
  20. ProKit Spring users, any blown shocks?

    Been running pro-kit for almost 3 yrs. No prob whatsoever.