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  1. Official RV6 R365 turbo Beta thread

    Boomdata strikes again! Lol Glad the issue was found!
  2. Potential Damage of CDV delete

    There's definitely some extra shock if your shift isn't 100% perfect. I removed mine and I'm currently pulling the trans to replace 4th. Could be related could not haha.
  3. 4th gear is no more 😬

    I started hearing a high pitch, soft hum, a few weeks before it gave
  4. 4th gear is no more 😬

    Pretty much 2-5th is gone in mine. Which would cost closer to 2k when it's said and done if I order all the parts OEM new. That's if I can even get them. Most stuff is on back oder rn.
  5. 4th gear is no more 😬

    Ordered a "replacement" today. I took a gamble on a slightly damaged one for $500. Low mileage like 10k. The catch is that 6th gear is saying hello to the world via a hole in the case. My case is good and my 6th gear looks intact, if the other needs 6th replaced. Fingers crossed. I'm either...
  6. TSP stage 1+ tune question

    Rev hang enabled/disabled will have an affect on the gurgle. I usually make sure rev hang is disabled in the tune. Then use the cruise control button to re-enable rev hang, for more gurgle.
  7. Official RV6 R365 turbo Beta thread

    Somethings up. Either the low pressure pump or the HPFP. You shouldn't be having this issue.
  8. Official RV6 R365 turbo Beta thread

    Ya he shouldn't of gotten this code unless his tune is a little off, or he's running to much boost. I have gotten this code randomly and I've never seen it since.
  9. Official RV6 R365 turbo Beta thread

    You can give yourself a small fuel increase if you drill the HPFP line out to 1/16. On the side that goes into the rail.
  10. Bigger Injectors

    You would need to be pushing 29psi+ with E35-40 fuel to need aftermarket injectors. Built block is recommended for anyone going into 4bar map sensor territory. Eman is the only one rn that has a direct injection fuel system for the 1.5T, SI cams required. It's a intank fuel pump, hpfp, hpfp...
  11. 4th gear is no more 😬

    Lady called back and trans is no good. The hunt continues!
  12. 4th gear is no more 😬

    Right! The catch is it was a front end wreck. So I asked for bore scope pics. It does come with a 30 day warranty at least.
  13. 4th gear is no more 😬

    Update: Found a trans for $900 shipped. Came off a 2019 SI, 15k There getting back to me probably tomorrow. They need to pull it out first and inspect. Fingers crossed everything is good and I can pay and get it here quick.
  14. 1.5T Hobby-man's engine thread

    Type R retrofit now. My motor failure did some damage to the fx350. Plus it was hot garbage anyway. I considered the fx700 series, twin disc, for a bit. But was talked down, and glad I didn't.
  15. 1.5T Hobby-man's engine thread

    Well I'm bumping up to the gtx2867r. Adding the meth back in. The boost will be.. well closer to 40 lol. It's also one of thoes things, if I'm already there, and it's looking a little worn. Might as well go a step up for not much more $
  16. 1.5T Hobby-man's engine thread

    I do plan on doing the front sway bar, anti lift kit, front end links. While I'm doing the whole trans repair thing. Coilovers are on the list but most likely that'll be awhile. I should probably take the time to do the oil pump gear, while the subframe is off. If the clutch looks worn I'm...
  17. 1.5T Hobby-man's engine thread

    Sounds like it's simpler to stick with the stock SI LSD, in my case. Unless I run into issue with it.
  18. How fucked am I ?!

    Ya 36 on a cooler day, 34 on a hot day. Due to the manual boost controller I was using. Was running E35 ontop of meth. For the first time, that day.
  19. How fucked am I ?!

    Oh wait.. I did KNOCK it up
  20. How fucked am I ?!

    I may as well have gotten my car knocked up with how stuck I am with it lol.