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  1. BMW Type R

  2. Walnut Blasting

    I want to get this done in the short future as I like to maintain my car for the long term. Does anyone have a rough idea of the cost of this service? Thanks in advance
  3. honda of america declined warranty work

    You are the only one who laughs... Especially at their own jokes...
  4. honda of america declined warranty work

    How would anyone find the humor in that when it wasn't even remotely funny?
  5. honda of america declined warranty work

    Wouldn't the dealer have full access to your car and be able to pop the trunk?
  6. Uhhh....

    It's cheaper for them to tweak a design than to start one from scratch through research and development
  7. 2019 Coupe Touring with Manual Seats!?!?

    Sedans and coupes are different
  8. Leftover 18 Si... have a quote

    Who said anything about the color of the skin
  9. Leftover 18 Si... have a quote

    How? I didn't stereotype
  10. Leftover 18 Si... have a quote

    That's pretty stereotypical and possibly racist
  11. Still can’t believe this happened last night!

    Jealous. My favourite Honda car. Enjoy
  12. Tesla Model 3

    Any pictures?
  13. Ok, getting tired of this....

    Cheap out on parts = more profits for them Plus they want you to trade up sooner
  14. Touring remote starter 20 secs stop -mornings only

    I didn't take it in, but now I manually start the car 100% of the time now. I believe the cold mornings and small battery are the causes.
  15. Oil change thread lol

    Why not just decline all the upsell? My dad is good at this, he keeps saying no that the service advisors don't even try anymore. When they say this needs attention, he says no then when they try to explain, he cuts them off again and says no, louder. I wish I was more that way in life lol
  16. Cops that Speed and ride your tail......

    I was coming home from work and was nearing my house and while I take a route that has no stop signs in my path, there are stop signs on the intersection traffic. So I am cruising through when a police cruiser runs a stop sign and almost t-bones me. After that, I purchased a dash cam.
  17. Touring remote starter 20 secs stop -mornings only

    Happened to me a number of times, my wife is pregnant so I try to warm the car up before she gets in. Honda only cares about profits and not it's customers.
  18. Proof that catch cans work

    Honda wants the engine to get gunked up so you pay for repairs or purchase a new vehicle
  19. Came out to my car today and saw this....

    I wouldn't even bother with a refund for the service, I'd demand a new car.