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  1. OEM Black Lug nut solution for OEM CTR wheels. Cheap, Light!

    Sale Price:$8.60 Nope, website updated to reflect new price.
  2. Illinois PRL Catless Downpipe (brand new)

    Yes it is discontinued, but RV6 still produces their catless DP. OP, you should still list a price.
  3. Can we talk about the weird toxicity in FB Type R groups?

    Honda-Tech was my go to place when I had my 5th gen hatch, GSR, and ITR. Now it's a place cluttered with ads.
  4. OEM Black Lug nut solution for OEM CTR wheels. Cheap, Light!

    I wanted to order a set for my Pilot. I was informed from an online dealership that American Honda has increased the price of the part number in the original post to $7.xx each. So it is no longer a cheaper substitute.
  5. Maryland Mugen Kit

    For those who are interested, I'm in the process of installing a used Mugen kit. Replacing the double sided tape is a painful process.
  6. 2020 SportLine Fk8 Black Front Seat Covers

    It doesn't have newer than 2019
  7. JDM brake lights

    What is the difference you speak of? Bulbs can be bought here, there, and anywhere.
  8. What did you do to your Type R today?
  9. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Installed the PRL TIP and P2R inlet gasket. Install was not bad at all. I was able to see both 12mm bolts with enough lighting, so no blind bolt. To reinstall the front/bottom bolt, I wedged a piece of a shop towel between the socket and bolt. I didn't drop any bolts into the abyss.
  10. Nevada Project Kics R40 Iconix Lug Nuts (Neochrome)

    The sets are new. 1. Neochrome with black caps - $OLD 2. Black with red caps - $OLD
  11. Custom Alcantara Seat Belt Guides

    These were made in Japan. Protect your seat. $130 shipped firm.
  12. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Made in Japan: custom Alcantara seat belt guides.
  13. Ebbro Civic Type R FK8 CW 1:43 Diecast Model

    Sorry, I forgot to label it sold
  14. OEM Honda LED Fog Light to H11 Conversion Harness

    OEM Honda conversion harness to convert LED fog lights to standard H11 plugs. Can be used to run aftermarket fog lights such as Diode Dynamics or Morimoto. New in package. $40 includes shipping in the US.
  15. Recommendations for white led bulb for Oem clear side markers?

    I second these. I use the amber version though.