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  1. All Aftermarket performance based modifications for the 10th gen 1.5T

    Looks like the Mishimoto intercooler is in the works.
  2. All Aftermarket performance based modifications for the 10th gen 1.5T

    Waiting for Mishimoto to make some magic happen.
  3. Turbo Emblem

    Where did you end up finding that one? That's oem, correct?
  4. Injen Intercooler Product Info

    I rather go with Mishimoto but I'm sure that the price point is going to be similar.
  5. Recording From Backup Camera?

    Anyone figured out how to hack the rear-view camera so the feed can be somehow recorded? I saw some of the threads with the pin-out which seems to have the video output but don't know if anyone might have an easier way.
  6. send it.....Send it.....SEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL! I was just yelling at mine today to send.... I hope there's an update for that.
  7. Seibon carbons new MG style hood for the sedan/coupe

    Is the rear spoiler also from Seibon? Looking for one for a 17 sedan
  8. 2017 civic sedan ex-t manual- what did you pay?

    Got mine for $20,514 + tax/title fees. I'm in Los Angeles County.
  9. Anyone get pulled over for front window tint?

    Nice! I ended up with the ceramic as well.
  10. Anyone get pulled over for front window tint?

    Not yet. Have 35% in the front, 5% rear side windows and 20% in the back.
  11. Looking for a 1.5T for catback test fit

    Very interested as well. I'm in the 818 area. Running a '17 1.5T sedan.
  12. JDM Thailand RS Grill Install

    The grille sounds a little pricey for what it is. I think it might be cheaper to actually have a local paint shop tint all the chrome pieces. I've been thinking about doing that instead since I hate all the chrome. I'll ask some local shops for pricing and let you guys know...
  13. Seibon Carbon MR Hood

    I agree about the Trans Am look...
  14. New Here? Introduce Yourself!

    Hey everyone, my name is Mish. Returning to a Civic after venturing out with a RX8 (which I loved but gas mileage sucked) and most recently a CRZ. Over the years I've had 6 different Hondas including two DAs, two EM1s. Really excited about my 17 EX-T manual. Looking forward to making it a little...
  15. Dealer Run around?

    I didn't put a deposit when I bought my manual EX-T but I did get a run around from multiple dealers trying to say that I wouldn't find any manuals. All dealers I went to claimed that their manual EX-T was the only one around. I'd do some homework and see if another dealer can get you the car.