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  1. first oil change

    I have civic sport 1.5T, not manual. (is it called "Automated gear" in english as well?) my local dealrship suggested that I will do the first oil change at about 7000km. did your local suggested the same? when will be the second change? with the next maintnance (at 15000km)?
  2. Hidden Features/Quirks you did not know about the Honda 2017 Civic

    I’m looking for a “how-to” guide on how to take out and reinstall the rear tow hook cover. Any ideas?
  3. HELP! Dealership wants their car back or I fork out more money. WTF Honda.

    Glad to hear that OP! Enjoy the civic, it’s a beast!
  4. HELP! Dealership wants their car back or I fork out more money. WTF Honda.

    a dealer is backing out of a deal after it went through and takes back the goods from the buyer unless he pays more money? sounds like a very interesting story to me. I wouldnt want to do any purchases from that dealership
  5. honda parts in Germany (munich)

    so can I just find a local dealer in Munich walk in and purchase the part? do you have any idea on the price range I can expect it to be in?
  6. honda parts in Germany (munich)

    yes, Israel. pretty sure we get the one the europe has (actuallly I didnt know that there are differences between the same models around the worlds.
  7. honda parts in Germany (munich)

    hello all! regarding this thread (stolen tow hook cover from my new civic). in my country this part is priced at ~350$. I found a few german websites that its ~60$. my dad is traveling to Munich next month. is it possible to just walk into a place (an auto shop/ dealership/ anything) and just...
  8. Gas Mileage

    avarage: 15.5 km per liter which translates to: 58.7km per gallon which is ~ 36.6mpg
  9. 2018 Honda Civic EX-L. What's your OTD price?

    retail price: ~45.5K I got it for ~42K there is 120% tax on cars here :mad:
  10. install of rear hook cover (and renoval of it)

    Hello everyone my cover got stolen a few days ago and im about to order a new one online. how do I install it? do I just pop it back in? and how do I remove it for future uses? Im talking ofcourse about this part: (from this thread)
  11. 48 hours after my brand new civic, T_T

    I feel your pain. however, it looks pretty good after you cleaned it and buffed it a bit. good job
  12. 2 weeks old civic and a part got stolen

    I found this does anyone know this site? any european (german) people civic owners around here?
  13. 2 weeks old civic and a part got stolen

    I guess that someone broke his and instead of go out and purchase it he decided to "get one for free" from me. There are "bad" people (I usualy try to avoid any strong language, so Ill call it "bad") everywhere. when one of these people will break his in any country he will be searching for that...
  14. 2 weeks old civic and a part got stolen

    parked my car as always at night and came in the morning to see this (attached image). my tow hook cover was stolen during the night. that part is 330$ around here which I will gladly pay if it means that it wont get stolen again. however, we can all assume that its not the case, so I need a...