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  1. Cheaper CTR updates

    Well the original plan was to have smaller 18" wheels, no wing, probably no led lights, possibly the sport infotainment. I honestly cant remember where I heard that.. All those options would bring it closer to $30k which is more like it. There was a document posted last year that showed it but I...
  2. Cheaper CTR updates

    Has anyone seen or heard any new information on a cheaper CTR model? They talked about it back in OCT 2017 and I was curious to see if they have released any new information on it.
  3. Muffler and resonator delete on Type-R

    $700 for a pipe, some tips, and a "custom" muffler delete? woooo wee! Put that towards a catback/FP/DP guarantee it will be way better quality than that shop can work up.
  4. Anybody thinking about swapping hubs to achieve 5x114.3?

    for the love of god please let this be a thing. Aren't BMW's 5x120? and don't people steal a lot of BMW wheels? Also is 5.7mm wider gap between each stud that much worrying about performance wise?
  5. Cheaper Entry-Level 2018 Civic Type R variant coming?!

    Aha! This would be true if I already didn't message the dealers what they were asking for them. I even got a call back from one dealer asking if I was still wanting one and I asked what they wanted to which he said MSRP.... That being said if yall want one Wire me the MSRP and $1k fee and I will...
  6. What is all available for after market parts

    Milltek exhaust apparently. Too raspy in WOT but idle sounds amazing with that gurgle.
  7. Cheaper Entry-Level 2018 Civic Type R variant coming?!

    Wow. You my friend are getting raped on prices. May I ask where you are located? I am in the midwest and according to there is one type R where the dealer is wanting over MSRP.
  8. Cheaper Entry-Level 2018 Civic Type R variant coming?!

    ADM are dying down. There are plenty out there for MSRP just gotta go get it.
  9. Did Honda Kill The 2017 Civic Si?

    Yea i guess a better question is did all Si have this light of a clutch?
  10. Did Honda Kill The 2017 Civic Si?

    yea but doesnt the clutch slip with very very very minimal upgrades? Thats seriously the man deterrent for me.
  11. 18x9.5 + Hankook Z214 245/40 = WIN

    I planned on running 18x9.5 +35 with federal RSR. I am gonna assume this is an ok setup? They would clear the calipers right?
  12. Civic Type R: Master Coilover Guide

    I was wondering the same thing... Although i feel like the car not starting is a little excessive
  13. Looking at buying a CTR soon. Have some questions.

    little college debt because it is being paid for by my job. Also yes I did plan on rolling it into the Type R. However there are plenty around me going for MSRP. I have a list of about 5 dealers who are selling for MSRP. I will break even on my civic by summer next year if I keep paying extra...
  14. Looking at buying a CTR soon. Have some questions.

    Yea i say that because I am a college student working full time w/ about 3k in negative equity on my 16 coupe.... Thinking about leasing one but we will see. It truly is between a gti or type R
  15. Leasing vs. Financing: Thoughts? Opinions?

    What happens if you drive more miles that the contract states but planned on buying it out from the get-go? Is it still an issue? Fees? I drive right at about 15k miles a year... but I am not against lessening my mileage it if its an issue. Also who should I talk to about leasing one? The...
  16. Looking at buying a CTR soon. Have some questions.

    I message dealers on facebook asking what they are selling Type R for and I have gotten a few back with actually decent answers. the sketchiest being "put a $500 non-refundable deposit" and wait a couple months whereas one was " we have one for MSRP coming in a month or 2". I feel like I am...
  17. I walked away from this deal......

    For some reason Cars app has some for under 24,775.. one I saw as 23,920 and 24,125 for another.. I dont know if its because they have miles on them or what but I think the prices are going to start going down soon. Don't even get me started on how much they freaking want for a touring. Sport or...
  18. I walked away from this deal......

    I am in the same boat... Exactly I might add.. although I am still looking for an Si coupe. The dealer wants to sell me this car so bad.. although I got them at $450 @72mo with -3500 equity... I walked away only because I want to close the equity gap some more but with the 18's coming IDK if I...