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  1. Interior Illumination

    Looks pretty involved for putting two lights on, lol.
  2. Interior Illumination

    That looks like it might be worth paying the dealer $123 to install :D
  3. Interior Illumination

    I'm sure there is a thread out there somewhere but couldn't fine it... Interior illumination kit...worth $125? Easy to install? I see the dealer near me basically charges double for install. Welcome and feedback. Thanks!
  4. How do you store your phone?

    I put my phone just in front of the cupholders upside-down and slide the cupholders up to keep it in place then plug-in to use Android Auto
  5. 4 or 5 times

    I find excuses to open the door to the garage just to get a quick peek o_O
  6. Winter Prep - Type R

    Yeah wound up doing rust proofing by Krown. I also run it through a touchless car wash which includes and under wash.
  7. Official Championship White Type R Picture Thread

    Finally some decent weather. Baby got a bath.
  8. Convince me to buy or not buy 2019 CTR. Am I making a dumb decision?

    Has the dealer given you an offer on the Accord or know your lease situation? I was in a somewhat similar position and they bumped the offer on the "trade" knowing getting out of the lease cleanly was my main barrier to entry.
  9. Convince me to buy or not buy 2019 CTR. Am I making a dumb decision?

    Is the May have been addressed already...but what does the $4k on the Accord represent? Is that remaining payments or what you would owe after your dealer would buy the car?
  10. 2020 Civic Type R Price Announced at $36,995 (a $695 Increase)

    Production is limited to 1000 units and the US is getting 600/1000. So actually, most of them do.
  11. Android auto not working

    Had a similar issue with a new phone. I disabled Dex and it has been working since.
  12. Dealer markup based on color

    Bought CW for under MSRP in the fall.
  13. Any way to tell what warranties I bought at purchase?

    Not sure if this helps you at all but I bought the tire/wheel protection and attached the "brochure" I got. Looked over my paperwork and it is Prolectus. Not sure if all dealers use the same?
  14. How hard to keep a white one clean?

    Probably depends on where you live as well. Winter weather in Ohio... impossible to keep clean.
  15. Sell now or in 2021?

    Yep, I bought a brand new CW in the fall about that. Dealer up the street has a CW that's been sitting there for months. I'd take $35k in a heartbeat.
  16. Why LUNAR SILVER Is The Best Civic Color And Your's Isn't

    I was thinking of painting all my spoilers Lunar Silver. :dunno: I can only assume this would give me more down force.
  17. Why LUNAR SILVER Is The Best Civic Color And Your's Isn't

    This thread :rofl:. But seriously - Championship White
  18. FS: Set of Stock Rims with Ps4S Tires

    My offer of I'll take them for free still stands :rofl:
  19. Is it totaled..

    Strictly from an insurance standpoint they don't care what you owe on the car. It is based on actual cash value and what the repair costs are. If your repair costs exceed a percentage of the repair costs (typically around 70%, depending on your state), it's considered a total loss.