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  1. Fuel Economy - What're you getting?

    Agree on this! I live in the city so I take my bike everywhere (except for when it snows... then I pop on the boots and get stepping). Why drive and stress about parking and worry that someone or something will hurt your ride? I track everything else on Fuelly and my last average was...
  2. Honda Link

    I noticed the only way the app would update for me would be to have it connect, load the app, and let it do its thing. It takes way too long for my patience. I just want to hook my phone up for CarPlay and be on my way...
  3. Honda Link

    I was disappointed with Honda Link. The salesman was showing me features when I was taking delivery such as remotely locking/unlocking, flashing the lights, GPS location etc. Turns out the only features I have are my range, oil life and mileage lol
  4. Gas type for 2017 Civic Hatch LX??

    Just use the minimum required octane or higher. Higher octane will not harm your engine. Some say that you should always use 91+ for forced induction motors due to the higher resistance to pre-detonation (knock). Without getting too technical, the manufacturer will recommend a higher grade if it...
  5. What do you think of Subaru, especially the Forester?

    I used to have a '05 Saab 9-2x which was based on the Subaru Impreza. It had 230,000 kms on it when I sold it. It needed some work to the head gaskets (the EJ253 was infamous for those buggers). Everything else on that car was still rock solid. It had a little but of rust, but where I live they...
  6. 1.5 vs 2.0

    I can agree with that. It most likely was the transmission and the lower revs. Also, sedans are usually quieter than hatches/wagons.
  7. Need help finding sunshades for side windows

    That part number is for the previous gen European market hatchback 2006-2011. Unfortunately won't fit on a GenX. I've been looking for something like that for a long time! That site doesn't have anything for 2017+ hatches...:thumbsdown:
  8. 1.5 vs 2.0

    I have a 1.5T manual transmission hatch. I had to bring it to the dealer shortly after I got it so they could fix something and they lent me a 2.0 CVT sedan for a day. I gotta say, while I appreciate the power from the 1.5T, the 2.0 with CVT is much quieter and commuter friendly.
  9. Synthetic clay

    Just to add to the last part of surface preparation: any kind of physical contact with the paint will introduce the potential for marring in the finish. While its necessary to contact the paint during a mechanical decontamination (i.e. clay bar), you should examine your paint to see if any...
  10. Synthetic clay

    They ship with a film over the usable area to protect it. If you use it on your paint, you'll get some marring, but its safe on your glass - so they recommend you hit your windows with it to remove the film then rinse before touching paint.
  11. Synthetic clay

    I recommend NanoSkin to all my buddies. Got my uncle to convert from traditional clay. Sure, purists may say it only does 9/10ths as good, but its easily 10x faster and safer.
  12. Lease Early Buy-Out

    Hey OP, Just did a search on AutoTrader and 2017 Civic EX Sedans with ~50,000kms are advertised between $20-22k CAD around Toronto. Lets assume you can sell yours for $21k. If you take your lease costs of $13k, plus your buyout cost of $11k, less your sale price of $21k, that works out to $3k...
  13. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    I would have that into a shop so fast! My #1 worst fear is brake failure.
  14. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    I assume your headlights are kept on "Auto"? If you manually turn your headlights on, the Auto Highbeam function is disabled. EDIT: Just looked up how to permanently disable it. 1) Turn the car "On", in Park, 2) Switch your headlights to "Auto", 3) Pull the stalk towards you (as you would to...
  15. Tire Wear

    Do you take more left turns or right turns? lol If you're going dead straight, the driver side would wear slightly more due to uneven weight.
  16. My Civic Hatchback LX doesn't have a Turbo Sticker!

    Its no wonder I didn't beat that Lambo from a stoplight... I blame the sticker. Then my parking buddy must have got a sticker and popped it on himself - it was definitely a 2019. Also, my half-baked googling skills are apparently lacking. The Hatches all come with the 1.5T motors.
  17. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Just wondering why the 2019 cupholder is considered better? Is it larger?
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    This is awesome! Do you happen to have the part numbers handy?
  19. Manual trans first time driver impressions (hatchback sport) (pics)

    I had an older car while I was in college. I was into powerlifting and other sports and if I had a really intense training day, especially legs, I would avoid using the clutch as much as possible. Didn't really care about messing up my syncros, but holy heck does using a clutch make things...
  20. My Civic Hatchback LX doesn't have a Turbo Sticker!

    True, this can be an opportunity for something clever... If only I had clever ideas...