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  1. 2019 Honda Civic Sport Sedan won't start

    Nope - haven't had any issues since. It was the second time I'd had it jumped within a few months, so I figured I'd just go ahead and get a new one.
  2. 2019 Honda Civic Sport Sedan won't start

    Same with me - I was able to have a coworker jump it when it died. Could be a dead cell or something like that. I just replaced mine for piece of mind personally (was 4 years old too)
  3. 2019 Honda Civic Sport Sedan won't start

    Likely the battery. When mine went out last year, I tried to remote start and all that happened was the DRLs turned on. Cranked for a split second but nothing else. Replacing the battery solved it.
  4. So, when does get set up, because... 😧

    Gotta love that render lol. Slap some Accord headlights on it and call it a day.
  5. Covid-19 effect: speeding

    Traffic in the DMV is kinda back - except for commuters. Lots of Federal agencies & other employers in DC still aren't back in the office, so from what I've heard there's not a ton of gridlock like it was pre-COVID. That may not change for a while. I'm further out in the sticks, so...
  6. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    What part of VA are you in? If you're close to NoVA, my dealer out in Winchester covered 80% of the total cost for my compressor replacement. I didn't even have to ask them to contact Honda for reimbursement, they did it proactively for me. 13 months later, still working well.
  7. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    WTF is Honda doing. How are they making the same mistakes 4 model years down the road?
  8. weak ac anyone?

    It's alarmingly common in '16s-'18s. Been one of the most consistent complaints here.
  9. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    $2k is absolutely ridiculous for just a compressor. I was quoted just north of $1200 after my compressor was diagnosed as the point of failure in April '19 at 44k miles. Even out of warranty, my dealer proactively emailed American Honda for some type of goodwill assistance (because quite...
  10. Why is the trip reset button knurled and why does it rotate?

    It's knurled for your pleasure. I just wish it wasn't so long and flexible. Buttons would work better.
  11. Just saw brembo on hyundai Truck

    Never seen someone rice out a Tucson before. That’s a first
  12. 2021 TLX gets de-tuned Type R powerplant

    Feel like a 3.0TT just sounds "natural" for the luxury market anymore. The Type-S is prolly outside my "can afford comfortably" budget, but I'ma definitely take a look lol. Acura's taking the right steps!
  13. Motor Trend's render of the 11th gen Civic sedan

    With the popularity of the 10th gen, I'd be shocked if it comes out as a '21 MY. '22 probably more likely. Not stunned with this render. Unless this ends up being a hybrid, those wheels look like a step back. And taking the ass of a Jetta is really not the move. The 10th gen was immediately...
  14. Secret Honda "message"

    Crazy that some of y'all got blanks. I forget which design I have, but my early build '16 has one.
  15. Covid-19 effect: speeding

    lmao gets pulled over and says "my bad, oops". Lucky he wasn't arrested
  16. Today's "People can't drive" report

    Always disliked this. If someone can't enter traffic at a speed to not affect traffic's speed, then they should wait. If I've entered the road somewhat close to another car, I always gun it to make sure I'm not in their way. I definitely feel like I'm in the minority.
  17. Painting the interior? Someone took it pretty far.

    Literally speechless...why.
  18. Stock Tires, how many miles did you get?

    Replaced the stock FT-140s at like 44k after sidewall dry rotting on all 4 tires, and having multiple flats in same week. Just got sick of 'em, stock tires aren't great to begin with but I'd never go with any Firestone again. Tread was still at 5-6 32nds when I got rid of 'em, they did...
  19. Covid-19 effect: speeding

    I just chuckled and shook my head, as the light turned green a full 3 seconds later. Lots of stupidity on the roads lately.
  20. Covid-19 effect: speeding

    Average speed is definitely way up. About 2 weeks ago - the last longer interstate drive I did towards DC - I was in a slower pack going 70 in a 55 in a notoriously highly policed area. Got passed by everyone, including a number doing well over 100, one guy in a 1.5T Accord was easily doing...