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  1. My Si was appraised by Carmax

    Wait til we see what power upgrades they are doing to the 22's. Just read they are expecting a power bump on new gen.
  2. Anyone had an 8th/9th gen Si?

    I loved my 2010 Si. That gen's K20 was so much fun and easily moddable.
  3. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Guess it WAS the car all along! Seeing Russell go top of the time in FP1 AND 2 while driving Hammy's car just pisses a lot of people off. Also, if Grosjean's car didn't have the halo he would have been decapped by that metal guardrail.
  4. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Wonder if we'll see another engine supplier come in.
  5. 2020 Civic Sport Manual or Si?

    The Sport is literally an LX with an appearance package so far as I know. If you were talking about the Sport hatch then there might be a discussion here but Sport coupe/sedan vs Si is no competition. Not even a reason to go see that Sport.
  6. What Blow off value ?

    Our cars use a Recirculating Bypass Valve. Some shops make an aftermarket one but I don't think anyone has seen a reason to get off the stock one.
  7. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Oh man that was good.
  8. Most expensive car you’ve driven beside

    The first Bugatti Chiron that came into the dealer where I worked. Had to move it into the showroom. Always a sweat show when you are pulling a million+$ vehicle into a showroom through double doors.
  9. F1 Talk Anyone?

    All the things Sergio said earlier about not leaving and that Vettel wasn't taking his seat = Fail.
  10. F1 Talk Anyone?

    I wouldn't have minded seeing both McLaren's up there but Sainz in second was good enough. A lap or 2 more and he would have had the win.
  11. F1 Talk Anyone?

    FINALLY a real race for once.
  12. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Engine modes locked in for the race too
  13. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Well Ferrari going even more downhill in FP1. Have to look at FP2 highlights and see what happened.
  14. LED Headlights

    I would just take them out and get an aftermarket set so that when you sell it you can put the stock ones back in and be done with it.
  15. Looking for hids
  16. Whats up with the Subaru WRX Sti's ?

    The only one I really had was a guy in a GTi pace me in my 2010 Si late at night when I was going to get some Taco Bell and he/she would pull ahead every so often and then sit right beside me. I didn't even look over and I was like GTFO.
  17. Best exhaust for 1000 or under

    Thermal R&D can be had for under $1k and it comes with a front pipe as well.
  18. CVT Destroyed at 45k, looking to MT swap

    Waiting for the Si motor swap onto a CVT.
  19. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Spa this weekend and I hope Max can pull off another win.
  20. Finally going to make my old Z not look like a beater

    Hope you cleaned those filters while you had the bumper off. They looked pretty dirty in the pics.