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  1. Valve cover gasket leaking on '17 Type R

    Did the bolts move much? 62.4 vs 70 inch lbs but I wonder if they were loose to begin with.
  2. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    I believe the ECU reads OilT via CAN bus, per @Lust. Don't know where the sensor is. Maybe it's being derived from OilP which may be how the 2020+ get it through LogR.
  3. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    @fatherpain I think that clutch line sleeve actually goes over one of those lines above the turbo inlet pipe. I remember seeing it somewhere.
  4. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    Those are so sweet. I know Ken Suen highly recommends heat shielding the water pipe. He also hates turbo blankets and is all about inconel lol.
  5. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    I see where you're coming from, but I view it as making the car right insead if messing with it. A lot of Type Rs had bad alignments from the factory too. That's not something you'd let slide just bc it came from the factory that way, it needs to be corrected, just like a poorly adjusted clutch...
  6. Tow hooks for a CTR track day?

    @MadMage Nothing wrong with the rear tow hook - no one makes aftermarket solutions for that unless it's actually just the hook. Front has no OEM provision for one.
  7. Tow hooks for a CTR track day?

    I'd imagine the 2020+ fog light garnish pops out the same way the 2017-2019 does. Problem is the body-colored accent is like right where you'd have to drill to install an off-the-shelf tow hook kit which bolt to the bumper beam. You could just leave the garnish off with the hook installed for...
  8. New HardRace Front Lower Camber Adjusters

    Very nice. Is that with the ball joints in "Position C"? Strut tower pins pulled as well? Seeing a lot of track time? If so, what's your wheel and tire setup?
  9. System Motorsport's 2018 FK8 Type R Build #13414

    You already know this, but you've got the best TE fitment on this chassis. Looks amazing.
  10. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    @Lust, good point on the delay valve not helping solve the grinding issue. Just like you said, it affects the clutch engagement to decrease driveline shock and has nothing to do with clutch disengagement, which is the phase to look closer at for gear grinds. 100% with you on optimizing fluid...
  11. Overheating & What You Can Do To Stop It

    I'd imagine fender vents would help with lower IATs and not really affect ECTs. I think they're used more for aero purposes, but I'm not sure. Also, with the 2020 grille, isn't the area above the radiator on the passenger side still open? So even though the front of the area is now blocked off...
  12. Overheating & What You Can Do To Stop It

    @shadow good observation man. I think it's worth a shot. Probably won't be game changing but every little bit helps. Isn't that entire horizontal slit area not present in the 2020+ grille? I believe someone said that the 2020+ intake is somehow fed air through the main opening.
  13. PRL Motorsports P600 Honda Civic Type-R FK8 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade Development

    @PRL Motorsports sorry if this has already been addressed, but can the turbo work with the stock intake, charge piping, and downpipe?
  14. Overheating & What You Can Do To Stop It

    More efficient turbo the next step imo
  15. Overheating & What You Can Do To Stop It

    Might be time for a vented hood and/or a better tune.
  16. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    PPF is absolutely not a waste.
  17. FK8 Production Nearing End

    In a similar boat - saving to buy our first house once our lease ends next July. CTR will have to wait until this time next year. I've already been stocking up some small parts, just hope I can find a good deal on a clean, used example. I am absolutely determined to get one, and will rock my FA5...
  18. OE 2020+ cooling on track - more data

    The stock restrictive exhaust side of the turbo is a big part of the issue 🗣️
  19. PEEFREE's Civic Type R FK8 Build thread - Track / Street

    Would have been cool to see you try a bigger, freer flowing turbo on a conservative tune to combat overheating, but I understand moving on. Best of luck with the Supra 👍