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  1. Sunroof can't close. Can't lower wind deflector.

    It's not a binding or non-lubed issue. The issue is when the glass hits the arm to lower the wind deflector, it's creating more resistance than the motor is set to overcome as a safety issue. Back when I worked at Ford as a mechanic, I had to constantly reset the window limits because they...
  2. Sunroof can't close. Can't lower wind deflector.

    I just started having an interesting issue. When closing the sun roof it gets to the wind deflector and bounces back. It's like the motor detects too much pressure and backs off (safety measure so you can't guillotine yourself). The roof will close just fine if I hold the deflector down...
  3. DIY HID Projector Retrofit

    Bi-xenon are great. CBBs are about 5 or 6k. I have CBB in my truck now and I used to have Morimoto 6k. The CBB are much whiter than the Morimoto, but I feel like the Morimoto were more blue than 6k, so...
  4. DIY HID Projector Retrofit

    No, leave the halogen high beams alone. The LED will have less output.
  5. First Oil Change

    If you really put 5.7qts in there.... Enjoy your milkshake. **EDIT** Just saw you have a CTR. You're good. Also, the two indents on the orange dip stick very clearly show where the oil is. Clean out the indents. If it's over the first one, you're good.
  6. First Oil Change

    Missed the part where he said it's a year old. For sure change it.
  7. First Oil Change

    It is a good idea to keep an eye on your oil periodically, especially if you do lots of city driving and have a spirited right foot. Cold engines and boost is a recipe for blow by. Your oil is probably just fine at 2700 miles, but feel free to change it. I've noticed the oil is pretty darn...
  8. What's the factory sub weak point?

    Without some kind of digital signal processing, you're not going to get much out of any sub. Even summing, you're not going to gain what's not there. This is where Audio Control's AccuBass comes in to play. It will attempt to restore the lost roll off from the factory. Just a warning. This...
  9. Motul Ow-20 300V Used Oil Analysis Thread

    It's only the second oil change I assume. That said, if you're racing at the track regularly, you should be changing much more frequent than 5k.
  10. Motul Ow-20 300V Used Oil Analysis Thread

    I've added this sample to the database. If you're not aware of it, we have a thread dedicated to collecting oil analysis data.
  11. The Oil Thread

    I've added this sample to the database. If you're not aware of it, we have a thread dedicated to collecting oil analysis data. I'm really surprised at the viscosity of your sample. We've seen Mobil 1 samples come back...
  12. Paint job on new Civic?

    I haven't seen this happen on a Civic yet, but vinyl on these worry me. Lower end vinyls, especially after a few years, REALLY stick to the paint. Even with heat they become very difficult to remove. I'd be worried about paint coming up with the vinyl whenever you decide to peel. I have seen...
  13. Paint job on new Civic?

    My plastidip held up fantastically. That orange/red dip had to come off last month due to an accident unfortunately. I did make a video about how my dip held up after 2 years on the previous color. If you can be happy with the surface finish of dip, it's WAY better than vinyl. I did the...
  14. LED VS HID

    There is no scenario where LED will out perform HID Whiter light =/= brighter light. Most of the time when you put a LED into a projector, you are lowering the brightness of your hotspot.
  15. Losing gas really quickly?

    If possible, you should always fill the vehicle up before it hits 0. The in-tank fuel pump requires fuel to keep it cool. Running your tank too empty will un-submerge your fuel pump causing it to heat up or, worse for it still, suck up air.
  16. Losing gas really quickly?

    You should look into They make a nice app and it creates nice graphs and stuff. I've been using it for years.
  17. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    She's the main driver of the Civic now. It wasn't her fault at all, so couldn't be avoided. This also means she'll pick the next plasti-dip color... lol
  18. Losing gas really quickly?

    The estimated range until empty is simply a math equation your car is constantly doing. The equation accounts for more variables than I'm showing here, but the basics of it is: Current fuel level * MPG = Miles until empty If you fill up and get on the expressway for 10 miles, you'll have...
  19. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    My wife made some rear end modifications while I was at work today. Guy in a 2019 Silverado just ran right into her at a red light. Mostly cosmetic, but the tail pan is pushed in a few inches... Hopefully the rear end is still straight. Drives normal still. I really hope I can get insurance...
  20. Type R Winter Storage!

    I second leaving the battery in it on a trickle charger. You'll want to go start it a few times to make sure you get the oil coating everything. I always put my cars on blocks for the winter to prevent flat spots. Driving it around isn't near as important as running the engine. Do an oil...