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  1. Modding a leased 2019 Civic Si?

    Remember that buying out a lease is SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive than buying new or buying a similar used car.
  2. Modding a leased 2019 Civic Si?

    Modifying a car that doesn't belong to you is like building a deck on a rental house. Sure, you can do that, but now your landlord has a deck and unless it's exactly what he wants, he's going to be upset that you did things he didn't want.
  3. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Glad I was the guinea pig. Sorry guys. As to the "legally binding terms" stuff... sure. You're probably right. But good fucking luck finding a UK solicitor willing to take the case, and for a fee that doesn't completely erase all your savings.
  4. PPF - Yay or Nay?

    There's lots of these threads that OP obviously did not search for and he doesn't have any unique circumstances; when has literally anyone ever said "PPF is a bad idea"?
  5. Mods optimised for drag racing and straight-line acceleration?

    I'm not trying to derail anything or shit on your cars. They're super cool and you definitely know more about drag prep than I do. My entire point is that a FWD car built to go round a road course is not the best place to start building a drag car, and I can say that as someone who basically...
  6. Mods optimised for drag racing and straight-line acceleration?

    I quoted 300 HP because that's the stock Type R number, but you pointing out that a brand new, stock Mustang GT or Camaro SS (to say nothing of the hotter versions) is putting down way more power than that to the rear wheels only furthers the point I'm making that this is a waste of money. I'm...
  7. ctr seat protection how-to with 303 fab protector

    Sure, and all that's fair, and my only retort would be that my posts are focused on credibility because it really spoiled the entire page and its community for me. I'm sure there's people there serious about trying to get the word out about things they've found to be the best, bar none, but when...
  8. ctr seat protection how-to with 303 fab protector

    All of what you said I agree with in a vacuum, but all of this is based on credibility and "difference in opinion on how to run a review page" is kind of hand waving away the central problem we have with him: his lack of credibility and ability to be unbiased.
  9. ctr seat protection how-to with 303 fab protector

    I haven't noticed any difference but I wouldn't reapply this product. We've since learned that ctrmofo exclusively promoted products that he either received for free or was paid to advertise. Please do not full quote posts with lots of pictures. ctrmofo is banned. I wouldn't do it on the door...
  10. 2020 Sport hatch rear center armrest or not?

    This part is true. The 1.5A front USB is part of Hondalink, which Sport now has.
  11. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Pretty common. The cheapest listing price is almost always the most expensive part. You're usually better off getting fairly "expensive" parts, because they don't bake in item cost to shipping. I hope everyone gets their rotors, but for everyone holding up on invoices, hopefully they don't...
  12. Is "Honda FK8 Civic Type R Product Reviews Group" a SCAM??

    We're all pretty sure that ctrmofo was banned for promotion outside of the sponsorship channels on this site. That includes the websites and associated media profiles. If you track down one of his old posts, you'll notice the signature is scrubbed of all links. Which, tbh, good. Dude sucks...
  13. 2020 Type-R Parts

    It might be worth just paying them. I'm sure at this point managers are taking interest since they have 5+ orders from America, and the price is going to up sooner rather than later.
  14. Rarity!!

    Every few weeks there's a new thread up that devolves into some of our esteemed fellow members crying that they aren't special snowflakes. You bought a car to drive it. Stop thinking that buying things makes you "different."
  15. Consensus on replacement side markers?

    I have DEPO clears I bought from a user on here. They fit like OEM and it cost me $15 second hand. If they leak or something, i'll buy more at the full retail of what, $30? They're pieces of plastic. Unless you're getting full LED replacement setups with strobe and shit, don't overthink this.
  16. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Go back a few pages.
  17. Mods optimised for drag racing and straight-line acceleration?

    Practice your reaction time and get used to losing. Mustangs and Camaros are a dime a dozen and their 300 HP goes a lot farther than yours because it's going to the rear wheels. You can overcome the FWD problems, but to get to 10 seconds in a Type R your car will be completely unstreetable.
  18. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Ordered May 11, shipped 20th, delivered 21st.
  19. FS: Map Light Mod Jumper Wire (DIY instructions in thread)

    Finished. For anyone else: OP does not use a coat hanger because that's what he has on hand. OP uses a coat hanger because there is ALMOST NO SPACE between the roof skin and the headliner. I used mechanic wire, and ended up passing the dome and catching my wire as it was stopped and curling...
  20. 2020 Type-R Parts

    I thought I was, but I suppose I can also confirm here in this thread that Chase Freedom charges the fee.