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  1. Experience with the EZ Car Lift

    I put them on the pinch welds after I slide the lift under the car.
  2. Experience with the EZ Car Lift

    Here's the link Civic Jack Pads – ZL1 Addons Here's a picture showing the added height over the EZ Lift pucks
  3. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Tom, I agree that your fix is better. The tie wrap was a quick fix for a road test. Now I need to get some tubing and do it right 😄
  4. Experience with the EZ Car Lift

    Kungfupanda, when I removed the exhaust using the EZ lift, I used the supplied pucks under the pinch welds. It was tight getting the factory resonator over the cross beams but it cleared fine. Now I have the ZL1 lift adapters and they would give you a lot more clearance. But you'll be fine
  5. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I finally got around to installing my Radium Engineering expansion tank and catch cans(pcv and ccv)
  6. CTR Owners In NC?

    Congratulations 🍻🍻🍻
  7. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FK8 Civic Type R. Available now!

    I've got the track edition with 4300 miles on it. Drone isn't bad. Don't regret buying it one bit. AWE hit a home run with this exhaust, IMHO.
  8. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FK8 Civic Type R. Available now!

    I don't have any dB readings but we took my 2019 CTR with Track Edition exhaust on family vacation. Noise level was fine. No complaints from the wife or son. But the R would talk to you when you put foot in it. 😁
  9. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    Great write up Tom!!!👍👍👍
  10. NEW CTR - Dirt under the Clear Coat?

    Dude, from all of your posts, you want the car and you want the panel repainted. So let the dealer paint it like they offered and get the car. Then you'll be happy. What information are you trying to get people to tell you? Other options have been provided but you repeat the same thing. It's...
  11. NEW CTR - Dirt under the Clear Coat?

    I wouldn't let that stop me from buying the car. From your pictures, I don't think you can see it unless you're right on top of it. I'd leave it alone and take it as is. Maybe they'll knock a little off the price
  12. CTR Owners In NC?

    Would Raleigh be a good central meeting spot? I'm about 2 hrs from Raleigh.
  13. CTR Owners In NC?

    I'm in northeastern NC. Let me know if you have a NC CTR get together. Definitely interested.
  14. Type R Rattles after exhaust install

    I've got the AWE Track Edition exhaust as well. I haven't had any rattles. Something that I did was that I missed the center hole on the grommet & put the stud through the upper opening. May be worth checking. Hope you figure it out
  15. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    Tom, another great write up!! I've got a few mods to do but the weekends have been so nice, I've just wanted to drive the R. The Radium CCV catch can and expansion tank are sitting on the shop table. Also have Magic collars to install. I've got to tighten up!! Lol!! Glad to see you and your...
  16. ZL1 Addons Type R Jack Pads

    HRace, it was because they wouldn't fit square on the pinch welds (see 1st picture). I don't know about there entire inventory. I'd guess that they would have checked to make sure that they didn't machine an entire batch incorrectly. Yes, they are actually shown being used with a floor jack.
  17. ZL1 Addons Type R Jack Pads

    I've been meaning to post this for awhile. After I got my '19 Type R, I bought an EZ Car Lift. It's a great product and I love it. The lift comes with pucks to go between the lift pads and the car's pinch welds. Works fine but it was a pain lining up the pucks. So I saw the ZL1 Addons jack...
  18. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FK8 Civic Type R. Available now!

    I ordered mine the day before Thanksgiving and it was 2 weeks to get mine
  19. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    Sweet additions to your R !!!! I'm jealous Tom !!