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  1. J's Racing Fk8 Grill

    Yeah, this is probably the latest replica that has shallow openings so that the center beam is not required to be removed. The earlier replica is a 100% copied from the original J"s racing mold. If you look at the comparison pictures above you will notice this latest replica is not as deep as...
  2. J's Racing Fk8 Grill

    Yes, the grill will collapse if you cut the center beam in the bumper cover, so keep that and I'll paint it black instead to hide the center beam. Here is how it looks like on another car with the similar grill by keeping the center support beam. No, because what @ATM has on his vehicle is...
  3. American Modified Grille FK8

    Because they thought nobody can tell the difference, or the seller thought it's the same thing. This one, however, is a 100% copied from the J's Racing mold. Whichever it is, both fit like craps.
  4. American Modified Grille FK8

    I'll say the AM one is "inspired" by the J's Racing. There are a lot of differences namely the grill on J's Racing is a lot deeper into the intercooler, which is the reason that you have to remove the center support beam in the bumper cover to install the J's Racing Grill. Then the opening on...
  5. Official LUNAR SILVER METALLIC Civic Thread

    No doubt the best color that showcases the bodyline. What wheels are those? Are these stock wheels? Have you ever thought about having the splash guards painted in glossy black? That will tie up everything.
  6. American Modified Grille FK8

    If J's racing is bad, this is worst.
  7. American Modified Grille FK8

    The J's Racing style one is a cold copied version, but the fitment is crappier than J"s racing. Here's the one that look like the J's racing. The opening on the J's Racing is a lot deeper than the AM.
  8. American Modified Grille FK8

    This one doesn't even look like the J's Racing. There are replica out there that copied the J's Racing on ebay.
  9. J's Racing Fk8 Grill

    You can remove the emblem, but there is no base for the emblem to sit on if you were to put it on the J's Racing grill. You need that base or shroud for the emblem to be attached on.

    Thanks, that's what I wanted to know. Any wheel vibration with the spacers added?
  11. Sport hatch front lip on Si?

    Someone is selling the Sport lip and center grill.
  12. Sport hatch front lip on Si?

    What I was saying is leave the honey comb unpainted, and only have those yellow highlighted areas, namely the entire diffuser and reflector shrouds, painted in gloss black. This should tie up everything.
  13. Sport hatch front lip on Si?

    I feel you, and I'll have the lower diffuser painted gloss black to match as well even for sedan. Since the rear diffuser is a separate piece, you can have it painted gloss black to tie up everything like the Sport. For the Coupe, I'll paint everything on the diffuser and rear garnishes in...
  14. Sport hatch front lip on Si?

    Theoretically the ikon one should fit the oem upper mesh, but since aftermarket parts are made from inferior PP materials so we don't know how long it will last. These aftermarket body parts are usually made in poor PP materials that tend to crack over short period of time. The oem one is...

    I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to know if spacers are needed for DC5 brembo to go with the stock Si/Sport wheels?
  16. Massachusetts Wirring harness

  17. Pennsylvania SOLD - FS: Honda-OEM cargo net used like new

    For the hatchback? Do you have the mounting hardware?
  18. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    I'll toss those air-freshers away if I were you.