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  1. Wheel fitment? (Help)

    My 9" -40 pokes just a c hair. You might almost consider it flush. This would poke 8mm more so I'd call it a minor poke. It will fit for sure and people run it... You'll also rub a little lock to lock and on big bumps on d2 springs. I rub just a little on 17x9-40 255/40 on pro kit which isn't...
  2. Wheel fitment? (Help)

    They'll poke .5” which looks not good. Lock to lock they'll rub. Hitting bumps they'll rub. Tab delete and fender roll required. I'd look into 9" wheels on si. -38, -40, -45 offset is good.
  3. Those with 17" wheels...

    A 205/50r17 is a crazy stretch on a 9" wheel. I run Enkei TS-V 17x9 +40 with 255/40 for comparison with eibach pro kit. I'd definitely recommend 255/40 on a 17x9.
  4. Radar Detectors?

    You should turn off X band, it's useless in 48 states including TX. Turn off POP, it's a gimmick and impacts sensitivity timing. If you have that many ka falses, try the 10 band ka narrow settings. Did you read into the settings...
  5. Radar Detectors?

    Vortex Radar is an awesome website. Radar hobbiest tries all the top detectors and goes into ultra in depth detail of each and every setting and how they effect real world performance. He lists all the settings he recommends for different areas and why. This is his configuration setup for your...
  6. Post your LED headlights

    Need to adjust about half to full turn down.
  7. Spolier Delete Civic Si Sedan

    It is double sided foam tape. "Saw" through it with dental floss or fishing line and replace.
  8. Trunk lid repair or replacement help

    I paid paintless dent repair guy like $90 to flatten the 10 holes. I lasered 1" circles out of engraving stock to seal the holes from bottom and another $5 on Bondo so less than $100 in it. I'll send you 20 circles to seal the holes for $10 PayPal for shipping. I've done this for other members.
  9. Trunk lid repair or replacement help

    I had PDR guy flatten the holes, then sealed them of with lasered engraving stock from the bottom, then Bondo and wet sanded 100% flat flush finish then wrapped the trunk and hood in stealth black.
  10. MAP/ARP Head Studs

    I was surprised when comparing stiffness of 440 vs 304 and purchased 2' on Amazon
  11. Misfires on ethanol in winter

    My knock is locked on .49 my ltft is -2 to 0 and I don't have trouble starting. Lol. I have a head gasket leak which isn't effecting my afr or knock and starts fine, though makes a blurble sound startjng.
  12. Wierd squeaking sound from rear suspension on small dips/bumps

    Installed eibach pro kit this summer. No noises untill winter. The back squeeks like crazy when below 40*. If I park in the garage it will be silent for a few minutes untill it cools down and then it's more squeaky then pounding on an old mattress. I honestly can't stand it. Downright embarrassing.
  13. MAP/ARP Head Studs

    I know it's softer and was hoping someone might chime in. There is going to be so much mass I was thinking it shouldn't compress much to matter. I have 304 but could buy something else. What would you recommend for 7/8 bar?
  14. Misfires on ethanol in winter

    Running lower octane decreases knock resistance but this isn't the problem in the winter. 30* air is like 10% more dense than 80* air. This would equate to about 1.5psi boost difference which is pretty negligible. The problem with ethanol in cold is not enough vapor pressure for igniting when...
  15. New Battery already?>

    My OEM battery on US 19 si lasted 22 months/30k miles.
  16. Misfires on ethanol in winter

    It's sad it blows so easily. I've been considering custom tune but what's the point if it all ready blows with this much pressure. It's not like this tsp2 tune is bad, locked on to .49k and -2 to 0 ltft, smooth and good just worried about more cylinder pressure. The cometic gasket is better and...
  17. MAP/ARP Head Studs

    Yeah I ordered the Busa studs and the washers. The washers are like .120 thick and the MAP spacer looks about .750 thick so I'm guessing it's going to take a lot more then just 2 stacked. I'll likely turn the spacers out of 7/8 304 stainless rod.
  18. Rat Chewed Through Crank Shaft Sensor Wire

    I use soldering heat sink clamps on each end
  19. MAP/ARP Head Studs

    Im trying to purchase the MAP head stud kit but it is currently 6-8 weeks out. I spoke to MAP and they are just using the studs for the gsx 1300/hayabusa...
  20. Misfires on ethanol in winter

    So the head gasket leaks between cylinders again. It seems fine untill WOT at higher rpm then misfires. Also makes a coolant gurgle and exhaust burble at startup. Started 6 weeks ago and just needed to add coolant for the first time, about .8 quart. Replaced head gasket at 20k with oe gasket and...