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  1. FS: Socal - Enkei Wheels with tires, Coilovers, Spoon Shift Knob, Floor Liners, 27Won BBK

    How many miles on the coilovers? Will they fit the hatchback?
  2. Civic Gone. Parts 4 sale.

    F the 2nd guy on the strut bar doesn’t pick it up I’ll b next in line. Heheh
  3. [FS] Megan Racing Type R Strut Bar

    Will this fit hatchback sport touring?
  4. scam company?

    why would I pry em if they’re perfectly installed? Plus almost everyone know that you don’t pry badges. And hypothetically speaking, if i was really trying to remove it, all i need is just a simple heat gun and dental floss. I guess what happen with it is, It was just a defective item that...
  5. FS: HKS SSQV/ Si Seats

    Is the hondata still available?
  6. TunerView Lite Update - New Layouts + Official 2018 Model Info!

    How do you change items on a headunit? Some items are duplicate like there’s two IAT, ECT, or RPM, MPH, on so on. I’d like to change the one that are duplicated on the display.
  7. WTB - Ktuner V1.2 for 16+ Civic 1.5T - SoCal

    Looking for unlocked Ktuner V1.2 16+ Civic 1.5 Turbo for local pickup in Orange County area pm me your prices. Thanks.
  8. For Sale: Part Out

    ktuner still available?
  9. Left break light not working.

    fixed it., it happens to be just a connection problem. just have to wedge it little more for it to be really tight to make contact. Thanks for your quick response tho
  10. Left break light not working.

    Today one of my co-worker noticed that my left brake light does't turn on. So i popped the tail light and check the bulb if its burned out but it look just fine. So I wedged the connectors maybe it wasnt tight enough to make contact but still didnt work. So I switched the bulb from the right and...
  11. Husky Liners set

    also interested in the trunk liner. how much?
  12. IAT and ECT Torque Pids Confirmed

    I have a wifi obd2 always plug on my car but everytime i turn off the car and turn it back on i have to disconnect the obd2 adapter and reconnect it back again for the car to detect the wifi obd2. I also have hondahack pro so everytime i start the car it automatically goes to torque pro realtime...
  13. scam company?

    I purchased my red Honda emblem front (75700-TGH-A01) and rear (75701-TGH-A01) at (a major OEM Honda parts seller) They said it was Genuine but apparently the badge painting inside is chipping, I contacted them for replacement since they have 12 months warranty and i was cutting it close to few...
  14. Type r oem sides,front,rear lip for sale

    Does it fit the hatchback sport touring?
  15. Please Delete

  16. REQUEST: Independent DRL fog light mod

    Bummer, have you tried using some piggyback fuse for the DRL and fog fuses?
  17. REQUEST: Independent DRL fog light mod

    Me too man, did you ever found the solution?
  18. Help with fog lights & DRL wiring

    I have a sporf touring and the fog lights can only be turned on if you have fhe headlights on and it turns off when on high beam. Is there a way where i cAn tap a wire for the fogs to be on always like the DRL, or have it on or off whenever i want, I dont want to instAll a new switch since...