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  1. Florida FS: BNIB SUMA PERF Clear side markers

    I would buy them if you decide to sell
  2. Another Type R Conversion Front Bumper Thread......

    Got them on eBay I believe they were around 90 bucks when I bought them. Most likely they are on a absdynamic bumper. I bought the front bumper off a member here on the forums.
  3. Another Type R Conversion Front Bumper Thread......

    I got the ones in picture which cover the whole vent area and the other ones I don’t use are circular lights and don’t cover the whole vent up. They allow air to go through the vents.
  4. Another Type R Conversion Front Bumper Thread......

    I’ve had them for over a year but I took them off cause I got different vent lights. I’d sell them for 40 dollars.
  5. Another Type R Conversion Front Bumper Thread......

    I got them on eBay and I wired them to the the headlights so they only turn on when the headlights are on. They also turn amber when you wire them to the turn signals. They are for sale if interested.
  6. 2020 Side Markers

    I would suggest getting the Suma performance ones. Without the sequential leds.
  7. Thoughts on the Reviver Rplate?

    Thanks! I like it cause my color scheme is black and white and goes well with it.
  8. Smoked Side markers from Amazon

    The green wire will need to be wired to the turn signals positive wire. Switchback means that your side marker lights will act as a blinker when the blinker is turned on and it’ll turn back to white when the blinker is not in use.
  9. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Did a little photo shoot and loved how the photos came out
  10. Anyone know how to wire the spoiler brake light?

    No clue that’s what came with the spoiler
  11. Anyone know how to wire the spoiler brake light?

    I bought the Si spoiler and wired it straight to the 3rd brake light. I disconnected the 3rd brake light, cut off the plug since the wing was gonna cover the 3rd bake light anyways
  12. Type R Vent DRLs

    Selling some DRLs that I bought a year ago. Recently bought newer ones because these stop working but turns out it was just a blown fuse. These are also switchback lights. They turn amber with the turn signals. If interested I can send videos of them working. 60$ shipped. I bought them for 120...
  13. Suggestions/ideas for spicing up the rear end?

    I have no idea lol it came like that when o got the car
  14. Another Type R Conversion Front Bumper Thread......

    I bought it off a guy here on the forums. But ended up hitting something on the freeway and broke the bottom lip and bottom grill. I bought a replacement on on eBay. Around 330 dollars.
  15. The headboard light on!

    Was your battery dead or disconnected for a while?
  16. 10th Gen Civic make very loud whining noise

    Completely normal for turbos to make that noise.
  17. Turbo10thcivic carbonfiber duckbill

    I follow them on IG and from what I see is that they overprice everything. I see they sell stuff that I can find on AliExpress for much more than it’s worth.