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  1. Hypermiling

    Turning the car off when it's rolling sounds like a real stupid idea to me.
  2. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0w-20 on sale at the Jungle

    I used PUP once and when I drained it for the following oil change it didn't look right. It was kind of whitish looking as if it was emulsified or it had been beaten into a froth. Also I thought my engine had an unpleasant sound (like a metallic sound) with that oil but who knows if that was...
  3. Honda dealership used 0W-40 engine oil instead of 0W-20 / 0W-30 / 5W-30 for my 1.5T

    I would have written this exact same post. When you change your oil do you jack the car up ? I put mine up on jack stands. I changed it once without raising the car but it's a PITA.
  4. auto insurance during covid 19
  5. auto insurance during covid 19
  6. auto insurance during covid 19

    Better to not have it and not pay for it rather than pay for it and never use it. In 40 years of driving I have never; had a tree fall on my car or had hail damage or hit a deer had an at-fault accident had a claim against my liability coverage used rental car coverage had a damage...
  7. auto insurance during covid 19

    There are articles in the media now suggesting that many of us should reduce our insurance coverage during the pandemic because we're paying for coverage we don't need. The reasons are ; we're driving far fewer miles (our car is spending most of it's time in the garage) some of us...
  8. 2.0 NA gas spec

    Dude, its not hard to understand. I bet you didn't even read the damn links. More heat resistant as in if there are higher cylinder temps the fuel can resist that extra heat so that it combusts exactly when ITS SUPPOSED TO. Not before and not after. If the fuel is not stable enough in those...
  9. 2.0 NA gas spec "An octane rating is simply a measure of how heat resistant a fuel is in order to prevent knocking. In other words, octane doesn’t enhance combustion — it prevents the...
  10. 2.0 NA gas spec

    Nope. 93 is (slightly) less energy dense than 87. It's more stable because it's less explosive. This is how it "allows the fuel to combustion when it's supposed to". The result is delayed combustion relative to regular fuel. Everything in your post is wrong. The important point ,in any...
  11. 2.0 NA gas spec

    I believe that the way premium allows for higher potential maximum cylinder pressure is by delaying ,in effect, combustion so that it doesn't take place before it's supposed to. This is accomplished by making the fuel-air mixture less combustible. In and of itself this does not make the fuel...
  12. 2.0 NA gas spec

    exactly. premium fuel is not 'better' than regular. In absolute terms, it's actually worse. It retards combustion in order to avoid pre-ignition knock. But you will experience the enjoyment of paying more. Also ethanol does have a benefit; it dissolves into solution water and water-based...
  13. Dream Car

    A guy who lives about a mile from me owns a new-looking Ferrari. It's black and it may be the most beautiful car I ever saw. He leaves the overhead door on his garage open in the summer so everyone who goes by can see it, I guess. The house is in the most expensive neighborhood in my county. A...
  14. Manual Trans sensor?

    sounds like B.S. I've never heard of that either and I can't imagine how a sensor could do that.
  15. Tricky Shifter - new 2018 Civic Manual

    my 6mt shifter is very notchy IMO. sometimes when trying to shift fast from 2nd to 3rd it gets locked out of third gear which is infuriating.
  16. My horn BLOWS!

    the horn is so wimpy I don't use it I figure the other guy is probably laughing at me
  17. Russian mystery

    wow excellent article!
  18. Russian mystery

    for some very interesting reading on wikipedia look up the "Dyatlov Pass incident" you can also type a google search for it.
  19. Buy now or wait for 2022s

    It seems to have slipped my mind completely that Honda replaced my AC compressor when the car was one year old.
  20. Buy now or wait for 2022s

    everything will eventually crap out. doesn't mean anything. my AC is five years old. no problem yet.