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  1. ACT Clutch + Flywheel Review

    As of yesterday I finally got everything. I’m gonna do an install myself on jack stands once it’s warmer. FYI it was three months wait time to get the clutch.
  2. Official W2 Turbocharger Design Thread (yes it happening) - 27WON W2 Turbo Kit

    Agreed. We will also a new gearset that’s affordable.
  3. 1.5T Hobby-man's engine thread

    that’s exciting! Whoot whoot.
  4. 1.5T Hobby-man's engine thread

    That’s good information about the pistons. I didn’t know that. I ordered the pump gears. Cheap insurance and allows the flexibility for future changes like more power or increasing the rev limit. But likely not neccessary. thats also interesting about those bearings!
  5. How to change your manual transmission fluid on your 10th gen (video tutorial)

    Isn’t there a difference in viscosity and weight between Honda and Amsoil MTF; that may be a reason why Honda would have a reason not to warranty? I’m about to do mine, still on the fence.
  6. Cost for Replacement Engine on a 10th gen si

    1500-2500 cdn for the full used engine assembly. Price is based on how lucky you get during your hunt. They generally have about 15-35k km. I don’t know labour. Depends if your doing an engine build. Twostep performance has a ready to go short block that is the best value. Upgrade internal...
  7. Intercoolers, Black or silver?

    Nice! You’ll be happy. Upgrading the intercooler was one of my favourite mods. The pipes also look awesome in the engine bay.
  8. Intercoolers, Black or silver?

    Which one did you get
  9. (Motor blew)PRL turbo kit with meth injection

    HPD sells a fourth gear set. Don’t know how the public can get one though.
  10. Show me your Drop!

    there a thread dedicated to this. Might a want to check it out.
  11. Strut Bar Clearance Issue

    The rings work for me. Had for over a year.
  12. Holy crap the paint on these cars SUCKS

    CeramicPro with full paint correction was around 1500 cdn for me.
  13. PRL Motorsports 2016+ 1.5T Civic Coolant Hose Upgrade Kit

    Are these hoses made anymore?
  14. Holy crap the paint on these cars SUCKS

    I got a ceramic coating right out of the dealership. I did this to save my sanity because I am OCD with my paint. I also got a paint correction before and man, right from dealership these cars are full of scratches and blemishes. My other family car is a 2018 RAV4. We are a major Toyota family...
  15. (Motor blew)PRL turbo kit with meth injection

    Okay a few dumb questions now. - how much hp do you get? - do you have to tune? - is meth preferred over nitrous? - do you just hold a button while it sprays and that is the duration of your increased power? this is very interesting stuff. Sorry for the questions.
  16. (Motor blew)PRL turbo kit with meth injection

    That meth plate is pretty cool. I am new to the meth situation. I need to read more on it. Is there much to be gained by injecting it into the charge pipe. I have the port on my 27won pipe.
  17. Civic SI Catback Exhaust now available 27WON

    I’m super happy with it. Sound is perfect. Missing summer and wanted to share this pic. Cheers.
  18. Intercoolers, Black or silver?

    I always wanted silver before I had purchased an after market one. I ended up getting a black one and now I love the black. I think you’ll be happy with either colour! They both look great and you can’t go wrong! If you are going to get a turbo upgrade one day go for a kit that includes the...
  19. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    This looks amazing.
  20. Next round of upgrades on deck.

    Where the rigid collars straight forward to install? Any tips for those?