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  1. What's your SI looking like today?

    I haven’t driven it a lot , but you just need to torque them down correctly Other members on here with them on will probably chime in
  2. What's your SI looking like today?

    Tires rotated and Garage Line 20 mm spacers installed

    Bump for a good seller , received item as described

    Interested in the spacers
  5. Type R Shift Knob on SI

    I agree the SI one looks nicer
  6. What's your SI looking like today?

    Finally install the Greddy , love it, not too loud . I did noticed that I lost some low end torque
  7. What's your SI looking like today?

    Started to install the Greddy exhaust, big thanks to Chris, civicsi19, just need to buy the gasket tomorrow for the the pipe that connects to the front pipe
  8. WTB GarageLine 20mm spacers

    Hello Chris , I will install it this weekend , no time Thanks
  9. WTB GarageLine 20mm spacers

    Front and rear
  10. Just found 18 Type R For Sale $27k WYT

    Looks nice , I say go look at it in person
  11. The vinyl wrap is gone!

    Looks a lot better
  12. My friend blew his motor on TSP stage 2

    Is it safe to say that it’s more of the Tsp Stage 2 tunes than stage 1?
  13. PRL Intercooler and Charge pipes

    A price would be nice
  14. Upgrade stock exhaust?

    The stock exhaust is already 2.5 inch , the a Greddy will be mostly for looks
  15. What to doooooo

    Clutch , flywheel and Dyno tune lower
  16. Want some opinions on these wheels.. yay or nay?

    I rather keep the stock SI’s
  17. OMG I pick one up tomorrow :-X

    Congrats , great color
  18. Trade in with aftermarket parts - impact on value?

    Your better of returning as much as stock as posible