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  1. California Type R shifter

    Hi, I have for sale a Type R shifter I purchased in 05/2019. $40. Looking for local to San Jose for selling 54100-TGH-A01 LEVER SUB-ASSY. 1
  2. Blox racing throttle body review

    You have any cooling mods like @JT Si mentioned. Open grill, turbo blanket or heat wraps? Sorry the all the questions. I was thinking about this mod, but want to see if there was any adverse effects. So, I really don't need this if I'm not going to a bigger turbo?
  3. Blox racing throttle body review

    Other than Throttle body and intercooler piping, what other mods do you have on the car?
  4. Ghosted - Slow build

    Please report back once you find out. I would like to know as well. TIA
  5. Ghosted - Slow build

    No I did not use the Type R front pipe, I just used the exhaust. I plan on using an after front pipe and downpipe.
  6. In need of civic friends 🥺

    Share us your plan for the build.
  7. California 2018 Hatchback Sport exhaust

    Hi, I have a 2018 Hatchback Sport exhaust for sale. 100obo. Thanks, G
  8. Fk8 OEM exhaust on Fk7 question

    Want to see what options are out there. 2018 Sport. I'm not sure if the 2020 diffuser will fit.
  9. Fk8 OEM exhaust on Fk7 question

    I tried searching, but couldn't find a diffuser that would fit our sport rear bumper with the Type R exhaust. Anyone here can help? I remember seeing one before.
  10. Fk8 OEM exhaust on Fk7 question

    Since you bought the aftermarket DP/FP, was it a 2.5 or 3". When you said you got rid of the 2" bottle neck, did you replace it with a 2.5 flange to connect it with you aftermarket FP?
  11. Ghosted - Slow build

    Installed the type R exhaust. It was a direct bolt on. The first resonator after the front pipe gets in the way of a bracing and the bracing was removed. It’s the smaller of the 2 resonator. Reporting in case some one wants to install one. I’ll probably removing the smaller resonator, so I...
  12. TunerView Lite Now Available For The Head Unit

    Hi, Stupid question. Can I put Tunerview on the 5" screen on a 2018 Sport hatchback? TIA. All the post were for the bigger 7" screen.
  13. Ghosted - Slow build

    Haven't posted in a long while. Pictures shown also has 35% tint on all 5 windows. It gives the car a stock tint look without being too dark. Just put on some new wheels Evo 8/9 BBS 17x8 +38. OEM sport wheels were 49lbs. Too bad didn't get a chance to measure the new wheels. Not sure if...
  14. California WTB Stock 1.5T downpipe

    Hi, Looking to buy stock 1.5T downpipe in Santa Clara County area for $40. Looking mainly for the flange for a project. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hondanickx Civic FC1

    That's bad news for the Hatch crew.
  16. Hondanickx Civic FC1

    I'm on it.
  17. Hondanickx Civic FC1

    Following. I like the air scoop idea.
  18. Blox High Pressure Radiator Cap, 1.3 Bar - Type-A

    Hi, Has anyone tried the Blox High Pressure Radiator Cap, 1.3 Bar - Type-A? Would this help our heating problem as it was is the description below? "Even when coolant begins to heat up, pressure begins to build inside the radiator. BLOX Racing’s high pressure radiator caps ensure that this...
  19. Blox racing throttle body

    Thanks @Hollywoo0220, that's what I needed to know. This is my first engine with boost.
  20. Blox racing throttle body

    I'm interested to know if someone tried out the Blox throttle body 56 or 58 and what the results were.