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  1. FK7 Coilover Options

    The Flex Z's are released overseas but we still have to wait for them to get to us in the states. Right now I'm not worrying about them at all until people get back to work, but they are on my list for the future.
  2. Possible to swap the 2020 hatch "vent" styling mustaches with the '17 hatches?

    There are no sensors behind those front blanks on the Sport at least. I've pulled the bumper to do the fogs and they are just the pieces. People have already swapped the new ones to the old car so no problem.
  3. Stripped screws to air filter lid

    Don't know why they changed from clips. That's what I had on my 2010 Si.
  4. Oil level

    The longer your runs are the more fuel burns out of the oil from what I have read.
  5. Rodent Wire Damage

    Or find someone who is good with auto electricals near you and have them replace that connector and repin it for you. They are just too lazy to get a connector and splice it at the Honda dealer because that wouldn't make them money.
  6. Heads up on PLM (Private Label Manufacturing)...

    I remember when the DP first came out and people complained that it failed very soon after install.
  7. Need help. Hit 100k only did oil changes.

    Trans fluid should be changed every 25k miles to be safe. It's simple and fast from what I was told. Filters should be checked at 10k, especially the cabin or if it starts to smell through your vents. You can choose to follow the minder for the oil if you want but I change my oil early once I...
  8. Oil level

    The worst designed dipstick for what our oil viscosity is. Why would you make the tip almost the same color as the oil so it's far harder to see where the line actually is? A lot of us wish they had just kept a fully metal dipstick and that someone would make an aftermarket version that's easier...
  9. 17’ sport cv axle replacement

    Yes. How is it you couldn't find a CV boot or an axle that was specific to your car?
  10. Car stolen... Able to track?

    Glad I keep them in my front pocket at all times.
  11. F1 Talk Anyone?

    I guess they have been doing a virtual season on F1 2019 just to give people something to watch, even though not all the drivers are participating.
  12. FS: BMSPEC FK7 "Circuit Heart" Demo Car

    Sick af and wish I could afford an extra hatch like this.
  13. Incorrect LED Installation??

    What LEDs are they? I have the Morimoto 2 Stroke 2.0's and I had to make sure and line them so the output goes to the sides like a regular bulb would so the light output looked normal. Line should be vertical.
  14. Hatchback Sport - front underbody trim HELP! (RESOLVED)

    Should be a couple screws and several clips on the trim piece itself.
  15. Vibration in Engine Area

    At least you have documentation.
  16. Vibration in Engine Area

    Have you not taken it to the dealer to get checked? If it's been happening since new, that's the first thing you should have done.
  17. So my car is at the dealer and now they're closed indefinitely

    If it's driveable at least you have it back until then.
  18. Stimulus package purchase?!

    Gonna be putting it back into bills.
  19. Fuel/Oil Dilution Issue Overblown ?

    Just got a letter in the mail over the weekend asking if I wanted to be involved in a class action against Honda over the fuel dilution. I mean I smelled gas in my oil on my 17 at change intervals but I never noticed any issues with the car.
  20. Turbo/engine problems

    Did you check for boost leaks? I'd get an OBD scanner and see what's coming up.