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  1. ABS Dynamics Full Carbon Fiber Type-R Wing

    Anyone had any experience with the Type-R wings from ABS dynamics? Been looking to get a replica one for my sport hatch for a while but haven't been too keen on paint matching it as I wanna have a unique one. I was wondering if their carbon fiber is solid as they're really the only company...
  2. FS: 2018 OEM hatchback sport rear diffuser

    I would need an address to get an exact quote on shipping, if I had to estimate considering the package isn’t heavy but it’s quite large, shipping would be right around $100, maybe more.
  3. FS: 2018 OEM hatchback sport rear diffuser

    Selling an OEM rear diffuser off of a 2018 hatchback sport, comes with exhaust cover already attached. Will fit any 10th gen hatchback model, non-sport trims will require exhaust modification due to side exhaust exits instead of center exit. Letting go for $200 in the SoFlo area, can ship but at...
  4. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    added the 2020 hatchback diffuser to my ‘18 sport hatch...came out perfect and didn’t break the bank!
  5. New DIY Brembo Brake Kit - How To -

    Ah okay so the full kit he offers will bolt up on the 10th gens just fine, that's what I was curious about, thank you boss.
  6. New DIY Brembo Brake Kit - How To -

    I know I'm super late to this but I'm really interested in throwing this on my hatchback sport... did you just buy the brembo calipers from slickfab? Or did you get the rotors and pads that he offers as well? I know you have to source your own brake lines and fluid which isn't a problem, but if...
  7. Exhaust Help

    It's fairly priced too, I gotta do more research into it cause this might be my best option over 27won
  8. Exhaust Help

    yeah this sounds legit too, I was looking at GReddy stuff along with 27won and they seemed pretty similar, this is the entire exhaust system and not just a muffler right?
  9. Exhaust Help

    ah okay that sounds pretty legit then, i’ll do more research into that. Seems like it’ll be cheaper than the 27won exhaust that I originally had my eyes set on.
  10. Exhaust Help

    Sounds super aggressive, only thing is that this wouldnt fit on the 1.5L I currently have would it?
  11. Exhaust Help

    Yeah my main thing is a good sound with minor drone, which is why I’m not keen on the muffler/resonator delete. A new exhaust system would be ideal just because i know it’ll improve airflow a lot and it’ll help the engine and quality of drive overall
  12. Exhaust Help

    So I'm looking to upgrade the exhaust on my 1.5L Turbo Sport Hatch in the near future, but as always before I throw money at the car, I'd appreciate some good advice. I'd prefer upgrading the entire exhaust to something that'll provide better airflow and of course a good sound; however, I'm not...
  13. Wheel fitment on lowered ‘18 hatch

    the specs i’m getting with the new rims are 18x8.5 +35. keeping OEM tires too, my boy that put my coilovers on said those specs are perfect and won’t rub anything according to him. if you have no rub then i shouldn’t either lol.
  14. Wheel fitment on lowered ‘18 hatch

    trouble in terms of what though?
  15. Wheel fitment on lowered ‘18 hatch

    Need some help with wheel fitment, currently running full OEM 235/40/18 tires and 18x8 rims on my ‘18 sport hatch, looking to pick up some Aodhan DS02 bronze wheels in 18x8.5 with 35 offset. I’m also gonna be keeping the stock tires as well. Car is lowered on BC racing extreme drop coils and I...
  16. Short Ram Air Intake

    So you just replaced the OEM hose and filter instead of getting an entirely new intake?
  17. Short Ram Air Intake

    Yeah I'll def send you my number, I've been meaning to get involved in the 10th gen community down here since I know it's relatively big
  18. Short Ram Air Intake

    Well first off big props on that analysis, you just helped me make my decision. I think I'll probably just get a PRL stage 1 for now and see where that takes me, won't be messing with my engine too much and I'll get that urge to mod my engine out my system lol
  19. Short Ram Air Intake

    What type of intake do you currently run? What I've gotten from my research is that an intake will only add a tiny difference in sound and barely anything in performance. My main worry is that the engine gets way too hot with an SRI considering that I live in South FL.