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  1. Adaptive cruise control

    The adaptive cruise is good at following a car. If there is a car up ahead at a stop do NOT rely on it to detect it. Brake yourself. Also beware of stop lights because it will continue to follow the car in front. And if they are crossing a yellow you may be crossing a red. It’s better not to...
  2. Ideas for a leased 2019 EX Hatch

    That panel has the radar unit behind it. It’s used for the adaptive cruise control. You’ll also see it on 2016-2018 Civics with Honda Sensing. It’s now standard on all Civics as of the 2019 model year.
  3. What to buy 2019 Civic Sport Touring or 2019 Honda Accord 1.5 Touring?

    The 1.5 touring isn’t in production anymore so I guess you mean a 2018 version The accord has a few things the civic doesn’t have like a head up display, ventilated seats, and a smoother and faster infotainment system. But for me it’s about the driving and I’d pick the civic. Especially since...
  4. 2019 Civic Refresh Reviews

    Marketing. And the Honda Accord has been doing this for years
  5. Oof ouch my heart: It's totaled

    Nah. Civic is small and nimble. Accord is a boat in comparison. We have both.
  6. Oof ouch my heart: It's totaled

    Or a 2019 EX
  7. Oof ouch my heart: It's totaled

    Cosmic Blue Metallic :love:
  8. Plug and play LED headlights ?

    Last LED lights I used did not throw the light far at all. It looked nice up close but wasn’t practical for driving.
  9. What are these two top buttons?

    Read the manual my ass lol
  10. i hate winter!

    btw, I love to see the Civic like that. Extreme conditions and still getting the job done.
  11. i hate winter!

  12. How bad is the EX touchscreen audio?

    If you have some patience it’s a good system. Apple CarPlay and android auto integration are a plus.
  13. Any dos and don'ts/recommendations for cold weather driving? It's -15°F where I am... :-(

    There are a lot of places where it doesn’t snow and it’s super cold.
  14. "Walk Away" Locking Inconsistently Working

    Works 99% of the time for me
  15. Lease return

    Thanks for clarifying
  16. Show your Emblems

    Sorry I just had to
  17. Lease return

    Things happen. Somebody in a parking lot nicked my front bumper. It really depends on the extent of the damage and the dealerships inspection. Please let us know how it goes.
  18. WTF - Free Sirius?!?!

    I like SiriusXM and I pay the 5/mo or so for it. Nothing is truly free. When you listen to free radio they play tons of commercials. I like my music channels to be commercial free. And plus it has a variety of content besides music.