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  1. Synth carbon mirror caps

    Would you ship if the buyer paid it?
  2. procivic honeycomb mesh grille

    looks great, so you swapped right over from your 10th gen red emblems? nice touch
  3. FS: 2018 OEM hatchback sport rear diffuser

    you should get a quote on shipping this to PA, i'd be interested if its <$100
  4. procivic honeycomb mesh grille

    a member bought this grille and installed it, i'm hoping he'll share pics here and maybe be able to give a little detail on the fitment
  5. FS: Cusco Rear Sway Bar | 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8

    This doesn’t fit an si right?
  6. 2016+ Civic Part out *Like new*

    Steering wheel still available? willing to ship to PA?
  7. SOLD

  8. SOLD

    I'm moving in a month and this isn't coming with us so I'll probably drop the price on this within a week or two if it hasn't been bought, otherwise its going in the bin :(
  9. SOLD

    Basically what happened was this: Got the honeycomb grille from procivic, wasn't thrilled with the quality, DM'ed andy (aka fkxracing) and asked if the mesh grille he had for sale was a closer paint match; after some conversation i realized that this grill...
  10. SOLD

    This is a different grille than the one he has on his site, it’s not listed anywhere on there, it’s in the same style as the HPD grille
  11. procivic honeycomb mesh grille

    It's for sale guys:
  12. SOLD

    Reason I'm selling: - I had ordered this grille from fkxracing after receiving a similar model from, I had also placed an order for badges from AeroSpec Racing. He informed me that the badges would have to be 9th gen size in order to fit the procivic grille, I figured the fkxracing...
  13. procivic honeycomb mesh grille

    The grille from fkxracing uses a 10th gen civic badge size, I got badges made by aero-spec racing for the pro civic grille which is actually a 9th gen size:
  14. Warped rotor

    That's what i was thinking, thanks!
  15. Taobao Sideskirts

    Here's the link if anyone is interested, they have a good video as well
  16. Taobao Sideskirts

    Has anyone seen this style sideskirt offered on amazon/ebay? I like it because it's very low profile unlike some of the other offerings that seem to stick out a ton.... the fake CF ones are $45 and FRP are $25, shipping will be expensive but i'm thinking about testing a pair out, thoughts?
  17. Warped rotor

    i'm at 5.5k miles and when it rains i can definitely hear some scraping it almost sounds like one of my calipers is frozen but it goes away after a bit: anyone got any idea what this could be?
  18. Got my Ultra Racing lower rear bar and I don't have a clue

    Thanks for the info, super helpful posts, so if you were me (on stock suspension) would you do a strut tower brace and the 4 point trunk brace for starters?
  19. Please test my theory to achieve smooth shifts.

    yeah my friend used to do that in his 8th gen lol, have to have the synchros at the perfect spot or something idr
  20. Please test my theory to achieve smooth shifts.

    mine shifts amazingly, ‘19 with almost 5k, i think it’s one of the smoothest manual transmissions ever made and possibly the easiest to drive, ever.... the transmission is one of the selling points on this car IMO