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  1. Touring Tweeter Upgrade

    No mod necessary. The speaker was a snug fit but it did fit to the plastic speaker cover. I used some foam tape to help with sealing the speaker to the cover and to stop any rattling.
  2. Touring Tweeter Upgrade

    I like the ones I put on - Hertz C26 Cento tweeters. They sounded great, looked good and were easy to install to boot. Check out a photo of the install bracket here. I felt the stock tweeters were really harsh compared to the Hertz ones I put in. If you are not keen to change out the...
  3. Touring Tweeter Upgrade

    I did not use the crossovers. FYI, I actually went with Hertz C26 Cento tweeters instead of the Hertz DT24.3 tweeters. IMHO, they look way better and are also much easier to mount with the included metal brackets. For the center speaker, I went with the Hertz DCX87.3 Dieci speakers.
  4. Touring Tweeter Upgrade

    Suggest you do it in incremental steps and stop when you are satisfied. I started with tweeters and sound dampening on the front doors. It was a good improvement already but then I did the centre speaker too more out of curiosity than necessity and I thought that was better. I also installed...
  5. Aussie Civic owners

    Nice. Hopefully no delays due to COVID19.
  6. Aussie Civic owners

    Congrats. Which model did you sign up for?
  7. Hondanickx Civic FC1

    Agreed that the duct is not the only piece required and that it is not ideal to cut the bumper. Hopefully there is enough clearance for your idea to work well.
  8. Hondanickx Civic FC1

    Watching this with interest. Keep up the good work! By the way, have you considered a duct like this?
  9. Hard wiring dash cam

    In order to distinguish which fuses are always on or turn on with the ignition, look at the fuse diagram in the owner's manual - All the fuses with the round brackets on the ampere rating are always on while those without the brackets are on with the ignition. Hope this helps someone.
  10. Popping Sound/Audio Defect Upon Start Up

    I have an Australian 2016 Civic VTI-LX (Touring equivalent in the U.S.) with the supposed 10-speaker premium audio sound system. I have recently started experiencing random audio popping when the car is started. Fortunately, the speakers do not appear to have been damaged (yet). Whilst I have...
  11. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2016 Civic VTI-LX CVT Sedan (Touring equivalent in Australia) Total tuned time: 30+ months Total tuned mileage: 30,000+ km Tuning device(s) used: KTuner V1, currently using KTuner V1.2 Tunes used: Custom VitTuned E10, currently using custom VitTuned E35 (non-flex) Fuel used...
  12. AU has a Phoenix Orange Sedan

    No, the SI is strictly for the North America market. The RS only looks the part as it still has the same 1.5T with a CVT. Very sad for us here in OZ.
  13. Touring Tweeter Upgrade

    What a coincidence, I just installed these last week! The plastic housing needs to sanded down a tad to get these to fit otherwise was a breeze to install, especially with the supplied metal bracket and screw.
  14. KTuner Update: Map Switching Added To Many More ECUs, Non-Si Adv VSA, more to come

    Somewhat off-topic but out of curiosity, are you folks in Europe getting the oil dilution updates?
  15. KTuner Update: Map Switching Added To Many More ECUs, Non-Si Adv VSA, more to come

    @KTuner Are we going to get some love here in OZ? 5AG-Q71. Happy to beta test if that would help.
  16. Introduction/Ktuner

    Congrats on the car! Only BYP Racing shows up as a local KTuner dealer. If they cannot do it, I believe you will have to send it overseas. Also, is your ECU supported? List is here: Lastly, if all else fails, check with @KTuner .
  17. Aussie Civic owners

    You need to be running Flashpro or KTuner in order to run flex fuel. The kit itself is only the sensor, converter, wiring and plumbing. You will definitely see an increase in consumption from the switch depending on how much ethanol you are running due to the lower energy density. I also...
  18. Aussie Civic owners

    Sorry to hear about your poor experience. Have you checked the boost gauge to see if it is making boost? Have you tried to asking the dealer to test drive one of their other cars back to back? I also wonder if it is simply the car letting you down since none of the Civics bar the Type R could...
  19. Aussie Civic owners

    In what context are you asking about the CVT reliability? The normally aspirated RA18Z engine should be less demanding on the CVT than the turbocharged L15B7. Even if the CVT itself is likely to be different, it should still be less stressed given the reduced power/torque on the NA engine.
  20. Aussie Civic owners

    No worries. The rattling drove me mad until it was finally fixed with the rubber spline. Serious oversight on Honda's part. Luckily it was really easy to fix.