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  1. FlashPro - Artificial Knock Elimination

    I thought that up to now, @Hondata base maps (like the +6 / +9) only had boost target changes (possible WOT AFR as well) but no changes in ignition tables.
  2. FlashPro - Artificial Knock Elimination

    This so totally not true. I own a base EU model ... Custom tunes are running ignition to their liking. Sure the default base ECU logic will remove a couple extra degrees past 5300rpm, but you just have to add them on top of that. In fact , even with the artificial rise removed, the ECU may pull...
  3. FlashPro - Artificial Knock Elimination

    Not meaning to be impolite or anything, but people / tuners have been adding all the required timing for ages ... are you sure you know what you are talking about?
  4. FlashPro - Artificial Knock Elimination

    Could you please explain the significant torque/power gains that are visible in the dyno plot before 5300rpm where knock control is identical between the two pulls?
  5. FlashPro - Artificial Knock Elimination

    Yes but you could still copy / reproduce portions of the map at your convenience.
  6. FlashPro - Artificial Knock Elimination

    There is a new map in flashpro that has different boost / fuel / ignition maps and puts out power that is close to the TSP OTS maps
  7. New KTuner Software Version Released

    So ... after almost three years, after getting used to watching KControl creep to 0.6x by the end of 4th gear at WOT , seeing a rock steady 0.49 is a welcome change :) To the point of wondering if KControl actually works :P After retarding the Ignition by a reasonable amount, proportional to the...
  8. New KTuner Software Version Released

    I like it already , I trust you as always :P I saw that already in TunerView :)
  9. New KTuner Software Version Released

    Well, actually, there was a very predictable pattern in KControl / KRetard in the "forced" scenario and any deviation was a clear indication of having gone too far. Also keep in mind that sometimes KRetard will rise (in response to some "possible (?)" knock) and KControl will have remained...
  10. Hey JR, two questions about the artificial rise in knock control in the non-Si's

    It will still lack the 4000+ rpm pull that tsp/phearable offer, but with you being the official community reporter, please give it a go :)
  11. Hey JR, two questions about the artificial rise in knock control in the non-Si's

    I wrote so in the other thread, it will be a 1-click top end power gain for starter maps , may not increase max whp by a lot (maybe 3-5whp) but could add up to 10whp by 6000rpm. Overall, great value for a 1-clicker :) but OTS/custom tunes , I don't expect significant benefits, even if/when they...
  12. Hey JR, two questions about the artificial rise in knock control in the non-Si's

    They will most likely need to be revised. Too bad my car is in for a downpipe or I would have tried out lol :)
  13. FlashPro - Artificial Knock Elimination

    Spot on Joshua! I highly doubt that those that are custom (or even canned +) tuned are going to see any gains. The artificial retard has already been taken into account and advancing further may be risky. Base /starter tunes on the other hand will surely benefit right out of the box with 1 click...
  14. FlashPro - Artificial Knock Elimination

    There are those that are more expert than me, but to my understanding yes, it will be outright beneficial for starter tunes (which are also known to have more headroom, right?). Custom tunes will most probably have to be re-written to make use of a different KControl strategy.
  15. FlashPro - Artificial Knock Elimination

    For manual transmission and KC 0.49 kretard will be 5 up to 5350rpm then rise to 6.5 at 5500rpm and possibly reach 7 by 6500rpm If there was no artificial rise, it would presumably remain 5 till the rev limiter, hence the 1.5-2 degree value of artificial rise disable.
  16. FlashPro - Artificial Knock Elimination

    First off, this is a great feature and I'd definitely give it a try if it was available on ktuner. BUT, you need to realize that the artificial rise only removes 1.5-2 ignition degrees past 5500rpm for kcontrol values up to 0.7x. Those that use canned tunes like TSP1 or Phearable or custom tune...
  17. Single Mass Flywheel affecting Knock sensor

    I C ... which is kind of strange as mine has never slipped and produces some torque... then there's the CRV weight and maybe the dp & tip create some sort of torque spike. Have you xonsidered any alternatives to the FK8 retro?
  18. Single Mass Flywheel affecting Knock sensor

    Did you ever have clutch slipping with the starter 21 or are you trying to improve the transmission "feeling" with the SMF?
  19. Phearable 1.5 R

    Hi, you mention increasing the rev limit to 6800rpm but dyno only shows up to 6300 or so. Does power actually hold towards the new redline?
  20. TC Pressure Reached 108 PSI at Low RPM and Low TPS

    Hi Arnoldo, there is no way your turbocharger could produce any sort of boost (even 5-10psi) with the EWG at position 7.5 (fully open) and there is no way to build that kind of boost in a split second. It is either a sensor or ktuner/obd glitch What I did notice is that your EWG arm has been...