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  1. Starting my sound deadening project

    Good luck with Grad school! What do you do for work?
  2. Starting my sound deadening project

    If you are concerned about making the interior quiet, MLV is the most important step. YOu have the base for it. CLD then foam then MLV.
  3. Front grille coming apart.

    Oh, I get it, I have a car stereo shop, and we are feeling it too.
  4. Front grille coming apart.

    So after wanting a grille since I purchased my car a year ago, my wife asks me what I wanted for my birthday (beginning of August). I looked up the link to the grille to share with her and to my dismay, saw the backorder status.... NOOOOOOOOooooooo.....
  5. Battery issues

    Thanks! Once I get the stereo installed I will use the top brackets as a mounting point for the fuse holder. I have a vendor account with Batteries plus, so I got a little more than that off.
  6. Battery issues

    Got it finished up today. I added a piece onto the tie down so I could bolt on the metal heat shield.
  7. Battery issues

    Thanks for the heads up on the X2 power battery. Got one today, it didn't drop in like I wanted it to, so I am making a frame for it. I will post installed photos when I finish it.
  8. Adding (not replacing) an aftermarket head unit.

    Got the radio in, so far so good. I have the steering wheel controls integrated, the FM antenna has to be run from the tuner on the passenger rear wheel well hump. I haven't gotten the XM antenna integrated yet, that connector is much larger than a regular FAKRA. I don't seem to be missing...
  9. Adding (not replacing) an aftermarket head unit.

    Everything seems good. I lose seat heaters, but I might be able to power those separately. The factory backup camera doesn't look very good just being powered on, so I am planning on switching it out with an aftermarket one. Steering wheel controls worked fine. (I used the Axxess parts for...
  10. Adding (not replacing) an aftermarket head unit.

    Well, i pulled my radio and swapped the LX controlls in and left the radio out. No warning lights came on, Im going to take it to lunch like this and drive it a bit and see if anything else seems to be an issue. I THINK the only thing I would lose on this is seat heaters and radio display...
  11. Adding (not replacing) an aftermarket head unit.

    I bought the LX controls a while back for my SI, with thoughts of doing this if iDatalink was going to be a while on the HO4 for our cars. They said recently it is still very far out, so now I am thinking about using the LX controls and going aftermarket. Is there anything else that becomes...
  12. Mishimoto Intercooler Black Friday Price glitch? $525

    I have been trying to order and keep getting a gateway error, I tried 2 different CC's with the same problem. What did yall do to successfully order, just keep trying? I did get an email back from Mishimoto that said I could call in, Monday if it isn't resolved, so I might do that..
  13. Bay Area: Hasport rear engine mount

    How close are you to Milpitas?
  14. 2017 Civic Si Front Grille

    These are supposed to fit that grille..
  15. Perrin rmm insert review

    Good news and bad news. I did a quick update on the idle settings to the Ktuner dual maps and set the lowest on any of them to 950. Just sitting in my driveway idling, it seems to have taken away the vibration. Bad news is that I can't see a way to adjust idle in the TSP stage 1 tune I also...
  16. Perrin rmm insert review

    Ah.. I didn't realize I could do that with the Ktuner, I will give it a shot, thanks!
  17. Perrin rmm insert review

    I tried with AC and no AC and the AC on makes the vibrations. It's Florida, so no AC isn't an option.
  18. Perrin rmm insert review

    Yeah, anything over 1k RPM is fine, but when it hits 700ish it gets not so pleasant.
  19. Perrin rmm insert review

    I just installed these today. The vibration at idle is more than I would like. Has anyone tried using half of the kit to see if the vibration was lessened? (Perrin, any comments on that idea?) Aside from idle, I like it. I will be using the car for audio demos for my shop, so I can't really...