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  1. Acura TLX Type S

    this is it.
  2. Acura TLX Type S

    Can that sh-awd and auto trans hold up?
  3. How do you lock car doors (warm up) when the car is running?

    I heard it will keep running until it's turned off.
  4. Impatient Type R Driver?

    are you trolling?
  5. Test derove Si. Not impressed

    you are acting like a bitch. thread getting locked in 3....2....1.....
  6. How many do NOT mod their Si what-so-ever???

    21340 when they bought mine they didnt have any si coupes on their site and only 1 si. thats probably why they paid me so much.
  7. How many do NOT mod their Si what-so-ever???

    the clutch is weak af. it started slipping, it was going to cost about 2k to upgrade it, I was about to do it, but the car was a lease. so i sold it to carvana they gave me more than what was owed. if the clutch never started slipping I wouldve never even thought about selling it. it was super...
  8. How many do NOT mod their Si what-so-ever???

    If I never tuned my car I would still have it.
  9. Muffler delete dB level test

    just put an electronic exhaust dump on it.
  10. Si TSP Tune Stage 1 vs Hondata basemap

    Oh that's why my clutch slipped lol
  11. Damaged Hood....Fix or CF Hood

    Yup exactly that! Someone pays an insurance company 10 years without a claim, you damn right they fixing my hood for free. foh.
  12. Damaged Hood....Fix or CF Hood

    1100 for a couple of dings? Damn. I'd drive around like that until it was time to sell it or if you plan on keeping it you can wait until 10th gens are more common and you can get one way cheaper. what if you pay to get the hood fix and then next summer you get caught in a hail storm or a few...
  13. K-Tuner... What is it and should I get one...

    can you afford a new clutch?
  14. Leftover 18 Si... have a quote

    You should be able to get them to 21 at least.
  15. How are highway drives with the Si?

    I drove mine 8hrs one way. Road noise wasn't bad I blast music while driving. It tracks super straight hands off the wheel going 80mph it stays in line.
  16. Sorta wanted to set this Si on fire...

    you are just a regular one now.