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  1. My AC Compressor is bad (maybe?)

    Yea, luckily it started to fail once it started cooling down. They're also replacing my front struts
  2. My AC Compressor is bad (maybe?)

    Getting my A/C compressor replaced at 118,000 miles. I have the HondaCare 120k mile warranty. Symptom was A/C on the coldest setting was blowing lukewarm air. Oh yea I have a 2016 Honda Civic Ex-L and yes I drive ALOT! Edit: I said Ex-T originally and I meant Ex-L with Nav
  3. New battery already?!

    Lol same thing happened to me today. 2 years and almost to the day 4 months later. Had to get a new battery
  4. Forum alerts.. What the..

    Same here and I tried to stop and it's not working. Going to follow the above poster's suggestion
  5. 2016 1.5L turbo walking away auto lock issues?

    Spare key isn't in the trunk or car is it?
  6. How in the heck is this car totaled??? I am getting scammed

    You buy a new car. That's it that's all. You're not left owing anything. You're left whole to start a new. Just be happy you're alive
  7. TPMS + ABS + Brake system + ACC freak out?

    I got the software update Friday. Got in the car this afternoon and the brake errors popped up on my dash smh
  8. Sunroof Stuck and Broke

    I see! Yea I would take it in as well. Hope it all works out
  9. Sunroof Stuck and Broke

    Make sure window lock button was not accidentally pressed. Happened to me yesterday.
  10. Service Costs $?

    Here in Bakersfield Barber Honda the oil change is 33.95 (parts & labor) and tire rotation is 11.95. With Tax 47.40 total
  11. Problem with L?

    You're correct
  12. What little tips and tricks do you know?

    Absolutely one of my favorite features of my car!
  13. Android Auto is completely unavailable to me now

    Will try that then. Thanks guys
  14. Android Auto is completely unavailable to me now

    I do this constantly. Eventually it disconnects again as Im driving. Im at wits end
  15. Android Auto is completely unavailable to me now

    It installed but it still keeps on disconnecting. I'm going to end up taking it back to the dealership anyway. They replaced my bluetooth mic with a new one because it was staticky but it's still staticky so Im not sure what's going on
  16. Android Auto is completely unavailable to me now

    Mine is back to not working. Going to try this and let you guys know the outcome
  17. Service bulletin 16-022 Audio unit device update

    Update: so far so good with a different cord and Android Auto and the Note 5 on Marshmallow. Just have to change it to media transfer
  18. Backup Camera lines slightly off??

    Lines are a little off on this car. I had 2015 civic and the lines were spot on
  19. Remote Start (Nearly) Every Time?

    This! I always remember the manual to my bmw saying to just drive off slowly, no need to let it idle to warm up