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  1. Limp mode

    My car has been tuned for over a year and I have had zero issues. So I am not sure what all the fuss is about when it comes to tuning. Do it properly and obviously do not abuse the car and you will be fine. Most people don't understand the limits of these motors and think they can just throw...
  2. 2017 Si -> 2019 R & super happy

    Who cares what others think, do what makes you happy. If driving a Type R makes you happy, go for it! In the end, only true car enthusiasts will understand what we do and why we do it!
  3. Selling my OEM Type R side skirts

    Side skirts or front lip?
  4. Repainted (?) Yellow 2017 Si Coupe in California

    It is sprmeboy's car I follow him on IG. It is painted from what he mentioned. Maybe shoot him a message on Instragram to get more info. He just picked up a Type-R which is probably why the SI is now for sale. His IG handle is sprmeboy
  5. Phoenix Yellow 2020 Civic Type R facelift refresh model spotted testing at Nurburgring

    I think it looks good! Really looking forward to seeing the new bumper designs. The ADM will be crazy! People should leave them on the lots until the dealerships stop the BS but we all know that wont happen. People will still pick them up haha.
  6. ¡Finally! SI *COUPE* *FC3* Aftermarket Body

    I would definitely be interested in a clean CF rear diffuser. Shit even something close to the stock diffuser but maybe just a little more aggressive. Nothing over the top. I would also be interested in a CF side splitter. The market is there just has to be done cleanly and properly with...
  7. 2018 SI Coupe - Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

    Hey! Yes for me it was a bad door lock actuator in the driver side door. That was replaced under warranty and the issue never returned.
  8. Houston

    Hey everyone, just moved to Houston from PA. It would be cool to come to a few meets and meet some new people out here in the area! I will follow the FK8 Houston IG page too.
  9. Push Start, cranks 7-8 times then starts, WTF?!?

    This has happened to me once as well. The one thing I am noticing from the other responses is that the car sat out in the sun on a very very hot day while I was at work. No error codes and once it started everything was normal.
  10. Occasional “Clunking” noise from clutch

    I've noticed something similar when shifting gears some times in mine. It doesn't happen all the time and I have been trying to pin point if it it the suspension, transmission or motor. I definitely hear a clunk sometimes.
  11. 2018 SI Coupe - Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

    I wanted to update this for anyone else who has or may have this issue. I believe I found what the issue is (I have my appointment with Honda tomorrow morning to drop the car off). About two weeks ago my parents stopped by and my dad pulled on my drivers side door handle (which was supposed to...
  12. 2018 SI Coupe - Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

    8:50PM it just happened again. It did not happen at all today during the day. Now that it's dark out it happened. EDIT: 9PM - Disconnected the battery 9:30PM - Reconnected the battery to see if that would make a difference. EDIT 2: Made no difference, my neighbor told me the alarm went off at...
  13. 2018 SI Coupe - Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

    So in the two instances above I mentioned the keys were laying in a drawer the entire time which is what made it very weird. Last night after making this post it went off around 1AM, 3AM and one more time but I do not remember the time. During those times the FOB was on the dresser next to me...
  14. 2018 SI Coupe - Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

    It definitely sounds like you are on to something. I will be calling the dealership first thing tomorrow morning. I appreciate your input and I will update the thread once I have a solution from the dealer.
  15. 2018 SI Coupe - Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

    Hey everyone I picked up a 2018 WOP SI Coupe back in May and all of a sudden something very strange has happened. This morning before taking my dog out I noticed that my lights had turned on as if the car unlocked. Right as I got outside the lights shut back off. As I walked up to the car, I...
  16. Kazuo_WFC 2017 Civic Type R build

    Love the quality parts that is going in to this build! I will admit that it is solely because of you I regret going with the SI and not spending the extra money for the Type R :cry: