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  1. 27Won Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Damn. I thought I would've bought one for that...
  2. 27Won Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Those of us with Race MAFs pay $392, if I remember correctly.
  3. 27Won Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Should have gone with not posting such a pointless, idiotic comment.
  4. What's your SI looking like today?

    PRL Intercooler went in to replace the factory toy.
  5. Si Sell-Off

    Had to go out of town on a family emergency. Sorry for the inconvenience. All payments have been refunded through Paypal. Not sure when I'll have time begin parting out, so marking sold for now.
  6. Si Sell-Off

    Clutch line is sold, but here's one of the intake.
  7. Si Sell-Off

  8. Si Sell-Off

    I can't go that low and still cover the shipping. Sorry.
  9. Si Sell-Off

    Eibach lists the same part number for both Coupe and Sedan (E40-40-036-01-01). It'll work on either.
  10. Si Sell-Off

    That's strange. Tire Rack lists the same part number for both :dunno:
  11. Si Sell-Off

    The part number for both Sedan and Coupe fitment is the same, so it'll work on either.
  12. Si Sell-Off

    I've come to the realization in the past few weeks that I really do need something bigger. I haven't had any luck selling the car as a whole, so the time has come to begin selling off the aftermarket parts to ready the car for trade-in. All parts are in near perfect shape, and have been adult...
  13. Acuity Throttle Pedal Spacer

    Like new, only used a few thousand miles. Comes in the original box and packaging. $80 shipped via Paypal. Can send out today!
  14. 2018 Si Coupe for sale

    It's Rallye Red...
  15. Traded the Si last Saturday...

    Agreed. What a douche rocket. @Dan9908 - Does the Accord roll the windows down and open the sunroof with an unlock click followed by a long press on the keyfob?
  16. Traded the Si last Saturday...

    This is the route I may take in the next few months. Nice pick up. What'd you get the Accord down to, if you don't mind me asking?
  17. FS: Used Si RMM / Perrin Inserts

    PM's an offer. Awaiting response.
  18. FX350 or FX400

    Exedy doesn't appear to have any options right now, from what I've seen. Only ClutchMasters and Spec. Haven't heard much on Spec, though. Curious on your thoughts on Spec. Also, thoughts on stock flywheel vs. aftermarket. Need something that'll hold 300 WHP
  19. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    Vehicle: 2018 Civic Si Sedan Total tuned time: 1 year, 8 months Total tuned mileage: 19,937 Tuning device(s) used: KTuner V2 Tunes used: TSP Stage 1 Fuel used: Quiktrip 93 octane Additional engine mods: PRL SRI with Race MAF, RV6 catted DP and FP Problems/issues: None Driving style...