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  1. PRL Motorsports Street & Race MAF Housing Comparison

    It is the “voltage” that is differentiated, not the sound.
  2. 27WON - Testing the OE Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Man o Man...the VE of the 1.5L is so good you would need a much much larger turbo to take any advantage. Let alone, Needing to also address areas such as: - fueling (injectors, pumps, etc) - built internals (valves, pistons, rods) - MAF - engine mounts Honda provided the perfect delivery of...
  3. Si Vs Non Si oem airbox

    If I am not mistaken: If you are adjusting your air “volume”, then you may not wish to run the CAN tunes. You would in essence run a little richer than within the set AFR perameters For your particular model/make.
  4. Pretty sure this isn't normal. DI or something else?

    Might just be the Base, High Pressure Pump? Honda Part No.: 12270-59B-000
  5. How to Change Oil on 2016+ Civic 1.5L Turbo

    Apologies: I meant to include; using the locktite on the 2 Bolts that are up front middle on the shield. Those are typically what bust lose and cause all of the reported Cases of splash shield hanging below.
  6. Si Vs Non Si oem airbox

    No. Each of the Boxes match their own diagram.
  7. How to Change Oil on 2016+ Civic 1.5L Turbo

    For anyone checking in on this thread: It is a good idea to use some "Locktite" on the bolt (each time you remove it). Will help from losing the little gremlins :)
  8. Pretty sure this isn't normal. DI or something else?

    Check your PCV, you may just not be releasing enough pressure at idle?
  9. ACT Lightweight Flywheel

    Let's talk about "toxic". An installer inadequately installed a Clutch/Flywheel service that you paid for. That installer has since corrected the problem w/o charging you more. They left you with the damaged flywheel (as they have no use for it) and Now you are trying to make a few dollars from...
  10. ACT Lightweight Flywheel

    You keep lowering the price? By the look of the the contact face it has obviously been applied and used. An interested party does not want to deal with a stripped connection, not when it comes to something as paramount as a flywheel. Honestly, if it were an easy fix - the installer wouldn't...
  11. Viva Las Vegas (27WON is moving!!!)

    Sure hope that Business "Model" works out in NV.
  12. K control values running high

    @Beach civic si With an additional GA of E85 (granted it is a 105Oct rating) would bring your 91Oct fuel to 92Oct; and at an Ethanol level of E15 (vs E10 from the pump). This may decrease your KCON numbers closer to what you hope. Mind you, that when you get into WOT situations that your KCON...
  13. People who have left your airbag warning tag on: why?

    This surely has to be rhetorical.
  14. Parking brake causing suspension noise?

    If your vehicle MOVES after you apply the Parking Brake, then you should be concerned. Whatever noise it may be (if it is not affecting retention) would be acceptable. Could be as simple as needing to tighten the "cable wire".....
  15. Brake Rotor Retaining Screw Advice

    Ask yourself: "Does a vehicle's brake apply when in a gear other than P OR without engaging the E-brake?"
  16. Brake Rotor Retaining Screw Advice

    You can then use the "turn key" tool to push them in, as there would not be any resistance from the vehicle electronics. Prior to, also loosen up the Brake Fluid cap. When done, slightly open the bleeder screw (with a bleeder hose attached that is placed into a receptical of water and...
  17. Brake Rotor Retaining Screw Advice

    YES. What he mentioned. P3 screw driver. and Without the need to put the car in "Maintenance" mode; jack stand the rear passenger/driver sides, block brace one of the front wheels (front & back), turn the ignition cycle on, shift to N, then turn off the ignition. No E-Bake in that position...
  18. A/C Condensor Damage (True or not)

    However, I did inlcude the "fins" as a non-factor.
  19. I want to mod my 2018 Civic Hatchback Sport HFP

    Are you on a CVT or M/T? If on a CVT: When you step on the peddle, give 1 firm press and immediately release / then press down it again. Make sure you are in "S" Drive. The community knows this procedure of the @Myx 2-Step :) If on a M/T: Ensure that you shift into the correct gear so as to...