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  1. 2020 Type-R Parts

    yes you can order it from there if you want. I have ordered from that guy before although it wasn't a grille. Or you can go to your local honda dealer if you want. you can zoom in on this picture and see if you can see the area you are curious about. They fit perfectly fine.
  2. 2020 Type-R Parts

    I just reused my winglets
  3. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Just double sided taped on. It’s got 2 small pins That might break but you can just stick it on the new grille with just tape
  4. 2020 Type-R Parts

    The 2020 front emblem is the same as the Rear honda emblem. I don't recall what # it was off the top of my head.
  5. Upgrading intercooler without bumper removal ??

    even if you get new clips and brackets, if you don't remove the bumper carefully and correctly, you can damage the tabs on the bumper itself which can equate to gaps too.
  6. J's Racing FK8 LED Headlights

    the bolded part is exactly my complaint! you nailed it lol. the fogs does make up for some of the loss of foreground. I intentionally drove them without the fogs on to look at the output of just the headlights. Maybe i expected too much because my ILX has jewel eyes so i expected similar output...
  7. Is the ride quality on 18s noticably better compared to the OEM 20s?

    yes. tire has more cushion so it improves the ride quality
  8. Is "Honda FK8 Civic Type R Product Reviews Group" a SCAM??

    oh so you know about his $100/month subscription fee or send a sample to waive that fee "rule"
  9. J's Racing FK8 LED Headlights

    ehh i definitely don't think they are on par with my S2000. Hell, the Mini H1 retro i had on my 8th gen were brighter. Maybe my expectations were just a bit too high. that height is usually about what i aim my lights to. I have a spot by my house where i adjust all of my cars lights to. TOO...
  10. Is "Honda FK8 Civic Type R Product Reviews Group" a SCAM??

    It is a scam. It may not be for money but it is a fraud. false information is not good information. He mixes the bad info with the good info and bans people who disagrees with him so he can brainwash people to think he knows what he is talking about. do you really want to look at posts of a...
  11. J's Racing FK8 LED Headlights

    The notch I think it is a blockage in the light from the black walls in between the projectors possibly. yeah i messed with the alignment of them a few times but i still don't think its an upgrade. the cut off and the width is better than stock thats for sure but the foreground lightning is...
  12. Is "Honda FK8 Civic Type R Product Reviews Group" a SCAM??

    yeah its ctrmofo aka Aston D Martin on FB.
  13. Is "Honda FK8 Civic Type R Product Reviews Group" a SCAM??

    welcome to Fk8 Product Review group. you disagree with his reviews or bad mouth a company he has a "partnership" with you get banned. non partners posting in their partners thread gets you banned and the post deleted. Either pay a fee or provide them with free samples to be a partner in that...
  14. What did you do to your Type R today?

    speaking of sweidit, i went to go pick up some parts from him ive been waiting for. Going to pick up the passenger side red trim and the door trims from him next week and then its just the waiting game till he offers a glove box and my interior will be done for now.
  15. What did you do to your Type R today?

    i inquired about it about a week ago and he said its in the works.
  16. Tuned after adding HKS intake, intercooler and pipes 404tq 383hp

    i guess it makes sense your tuner doesn't want his work "stolen" since i would probably be able to figure out what he did just by looking at logs since there is so little parameters you adjust compared to like an older I-VTEC K series. but that kinda sucks. I would've love to see some logs as...
  17. Tuned after adding HKS intake, intercooler and pipes 404tq 383hp

    nice numbers. I am still anti bov as you know but your car, your money. im still on fb groups for the fun arguments these people love to have lol.
  18. 2020 Civic Type R support

    idk why it doesnt show. It should be able to. I didnt have to register nor have the flashpro plugged in to check files.