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  1. Purchased a 2018 SI. Interesting story.

    Congrats on your Si. I ended up trading in my 2018 MINT stock Si coupe w/PS4s tires with only 9K km to a Toyota dealer back in September and it’s still to this day sitting there. Seems these Sis aren’t as popular up in Canada as in USA, or the dealer is shit-for-brains
  2. 2018 Si Coupe for sale

    I shouldn’t be doing the job for a local Toyota dealer, but at this time I feel I must step in. I traded in my Rallye Red 2018 Si to Pickering Toyota this past September and probably due to their incompetence, they have not been able to sell it thus far. It should have sold quickly. The car is...
  3. Farewell Civic Si Community....

    As I said, the list of small annoyances, such as the cheap fabric Upholstery which is a magnet for skin marks and chipping paint etc etc can't be ignored. So it goes well beyond wanting to speed with it. But really, I have absolutely no regrets with this new Corolla hatchback. It's the smartest...
  4. Farewell Civic Si Community....

    aside from already mentioned, this car just requires too much care and attention to keep it in the condition I want it in. Plus I'm always tempted to floor it and destroy the speed limits. Already got my first speeding ticket in 18 years driving it. One more within 3 years and I'll be considered...
  5. Farewell Civic Si Community....

    Just picked up a new 2019 Toyota Corolla hatchback XSE this week, myself. Although it can’t handle or is as quick as the Si, it’s a overall better car in quality and looks inside and out, I think. It’s also a pleasure to drive and not have to worry about the jerky 1st to second shift and awful...
  6. Do you ever get creeped out by the attention?

    I wouldn’t say I get creeped out by the attention, but Iv grown used to and flattered by the attention my red Si coupe gets. I’ve gotten so many compliments and long looks that I’ve lost count or don’t care to notice anymore. My last compliment was at the gas station, where a flatbed tow-truck...
  7. Seat covers They attach by looping the bottom seat section under and behind the seat. But it’s a tight fit. Because the Si has one piece sport seats and no separate head rest, I had to thread special bungee cords...
  8. How many Si's vs. other Civic's have you seen out in the wild?

    Civics are ubiquitous in Toronto. I don’t see as many Si or Type R obviously. But I generally see more CTR than SI. when I do see a CTR and Si, it’s an event. Such pretty cars. You don’t realize how nice your car is till you see someone else with one
  9. SI an old Geeezer car

    Yup they're pretty great. I have lingering back pain, and a day after using a chainsaw my back was DEAD all day while at work the other week. Time came to leave and I settled into my si seats and the pain instantly vanished. Like settling into orthopedic seats. The 25 minute drive home was...
  10. Stopping at stop sign

    Everyone's got their technique. But I don't downshift gears when stopping at a sign or light. I put it in neutral just before a stop. But I see the reasoning in engaging the clutch and putting it into first just before the stop, and driving off again in 1st. Maybe I'll try this
  11. Stopping at stop sign

    Just wondering how many of you all come to a complete stop at stop signs with the Si. And if you don’t, how often? Other MT car drivers chime in too. I noticed when driving mine, most times instead of putting it in neutral and coming to a complete stop, I prefer to leave it in low gear and very...
  12. Best balanced car ever?

    I’ve always said my Si is a Goldilocks car
  13. PSA---lug nuts/tire pressure? '19 si coupe

    They will even over-inflate when car is in for service. Mine were pumped to low 40s on two visits. Either they’re stupid or the air gauge is garbage. That’s why I have the service guy type in no checking or inflating tires, along with no car wash
  14. Found the rims I’m going with!!

    I wipe my rims and car down too whenever I take it to work, and I get paid :thumbsup:
  15. Goodbye to my CTR!!

    I couldn’t imagine using my Si, let alone a Type R for work related duty. These are fun toy cars meant for good roadways. You did the absolute right thing, and I’m really digging your new Ridgeline. Very nice truck!
  16. zouch-- i think i branded myself

    I have my microfibre in my driver door pocket just for this purpose. Also good for swatting tiny flies bouncing on the windshield and dash
  17. HFP Front Lip - Center Mount - What's your rework solution?

    Once you pass 40 there’s no fixing a sagging problem
  18. Kevin's 2018 Rallye Red Build Journal

    The R looks like a super model. Love it! But I think the only thing lacking are nice center caps to give the gorgeous rims a finished look. I’ve never warmed to cars with missing caps. Also, how about installing a quality strut bar?
  19. Paint Chip Repair

    Can this paint blob and wet sand chip repair technique work on a ceramic coated surface? I had a chip on my door and tried a very delicate polishing compound to the touch up paint. But the compound stripped a tiny bit of surrounding ceramic. I find repairing chips on ceramic coatings not so easy
  20. me now have SI

    I typically don’t care for black cars, but in the case of the Si and coupe I think it looks very sexy in black. Just keep it clean and waxed. Congrats man!