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  1. The Fast Lane Car 2020 Type R and Si comparison

    The tires were Conti SportContacts, which are summer tires. Type R is also on SportContacts.
  2. Anyone have the HFP springs laying around?

    There aren’t HFP springs just HFP dampers. I think the springs are the same.
  3. My Si is single-handedly ruining the ozone!

    I’ve not experienced this personally. Luckily so. Would hate to lose to a J35 Odyssey. Embarrassing.
  4. High Negative LTFT

    My anecdotal observation is that LTFT will trend more negative in warmer weather. Especially with more stop-and-go (which will cause higher air temps). I wonder if you’ve had any different with the pandemic. I had the same fuel in my tank for two months whereas I would usually fill up every...
  5. Performance mods that won't shorten longevity of engine

    This is not what I have done, but this would be the answer. Wheels/tires. Exhaust for funsies (not saying that dismissively, exhaust is my favorite mod I’ve done probably). Even suspension and you are messing with stuff that could cause you problems in terms of suspension longevity, certainly...
  6. Aftermarket Intercooler Survey

    What intercooler are you running? Mishimoto What charge pipes do you have installed? Stock pipes Has turbo lag increased/throttle response increased since install? Not noticeable. That is one reason O kept stock piping on stock turbo. Also saw dyno from showing no...
  7. Delete

    If it’s a good price I’d go for it. Doubly so if you getting some low mileage PS4S tires with them.
  8. Pro Racer’s Take - Civic Si

    I had not seen this video series before, but it is good. Nice overview of the Si on track including a 0-60 and 1/4 mile. I know others have done, but here with a real driver. There are also other vids with 86 and GTI Rabbit for some comparison times on a technical track. Anyway, I enjoyed...
  9. High STFT LTFT

    It is the intake specifically that requires the tuning. Monitor, but you should ok.
  10. I want to lower but we have adaptive dampers?

    You will increase negative camber at the rear by lowering. You will need arms to have it back to factory spec (or for greater adjustability). The bigger concern, if you aren’t tracking car, is that you will increase/have uneven wear on tires from camber change. I originally ordered the Spec arms...
  11. Mishimoto HONDA CIVIC 1.5T/SI INTERCOOLER PIPE KIT, 2016+ (Wrinkle Black) NEW IN BOX. $275 shipped

    It was for the charge pipes only, but still a fantastic price, yeah. Mishimoto had 50% off the full kit on Cyber Monday. Sold the pipes and ended up with just the IC for effectively 50% off. Under $300 for IC. Happy with that. Sold long time ago but hadn’t marked as sold. Thanks.
  12. Installing full MAPerformance turbo-back exhaust.

    Soak them with PB overnight. Be mindful of the orientation of the bracket at that connects the DP to the chassis. Take pics before you dissemble. When you are putting it back, the location of the bracket is not necessarily intuitive. Here’s a good thread...
  13. Just bought 2020 Si coupe for my son.

    I’m in Columbia too. Need to get to Cars and Coffee if we ever have those again.
  14. Pure Turbos PS2 Turbo Upgrade

    It is a thread from 2018
  15. I'm getting a new intake. Next is an exhaust. But I need some help deciding.

    Same. I have PRL CAI and MAP street. The exhaust sound will be what you hear. With the (very quiet) stock exhaust you hear the spool and blow off more (and SRI is louder than CAI). Anyway, it doesn’t change the intake sound the exhaust just drowns it out. Exhaust > intake and street is plenty loud.
  16. Swift Vs. Eibach

    You can get some bounce over bumps as spring rates overwhelm damping, but it should not be floaty/bouncy on the highway. I’d make sure everything is seated properly.
  17. Swift Vs. Eibach

    Springs on stock shocks, yes. That is what most do. We don’t have an option for and upgraded damper yet. Koni is allegedly developing Yellows but that has been a few years that they have been saying that. Might be something more for second owners of these cars. You can do a Swift spring upgrade...
  18. I need Exhaust si 1.5l coupe 2017

    Borla, AWE, HKS, MAP. Those are the ones I shopped. MAP street is what I got. That is plenty loud for me. Very happy with the sound. You can go race and delete the second resonator if you want. I prefer to cut some drone. They have very good sound clips on YouTube/their website. If you just want...
  19. If anyone from Honda reads this board...

    GTI gets one. The Ford Focus had a truly terrible one. The ILX has one (they are cheaper than many Civic trims these days). It isn’t necessarily a cost issue. That said, the now ubiquitous ZF 8-speed is as good or better than any DCT this side of a Porsche PDK. The Honda designed 10-speed that...
  20. If anyone from Honda reads this board...

    An ILX with K20C and an auto is something I could get behind. I’d rather that than a DCT Si. It would give buyers some reason to choose Acura, specifically the ILX too. That makes sense to me.