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  1. Underrated Stock Si Numbers?

    What does the MSRP of aftermarket parts have to with the cost OEM sourced parts?
  2. Mugen door protector

  3. Performance options

    No, you aren't getting 300WHP out of this car with a tune. Your not getting 300whp without throwing thousands dollars at your car (Bigger turbo, upgraded clutch, and supporting mods). BTW, 50WHP for 600 bucks is cheap as far as HP is concerned.
  4. Visiting dealerships on memorial day to buy a 10th gen Si

    Then skip the step about trying to beat the Costco price... No negotiation needed and it call all be done the same day.
  5. Visiting dealerships on memorial day to buy a 10th gen Si

    OP, try the Costo, etc auto buying program to get a solid price and then try to beat it at another stealership. To give you an idea, I didn't pay 22K+TTL for my (new) 2018 in March/April of 2018.
  6. Headlighs LED for touring

    He could literally check and replace the fuses (assuming that is the cause) in less time than it would take to make an appointment.
  7. How important are locking lugs?

    They are better than nothing, but if someone wants your wheels they will be taking them.
  8. Best intake for the sound

    If you just want the blow-off like sound, get a PRL CAI or shortram (as said). IMO, the PRL CAI does have noticeable drone from 2-3K at part throttle. The Turbo sounds it makes when pushing it are quite nice though. The PRL short ram is just annoyingly loud from outside the car. I haven't...
  9. 2020 SI or 2017/2018? Need some thoughts

    The 2020 does offer some nice upgrades over the older cars (LED headlights, etc), IMO, It would really depend on how cheap you can get the pre-facelift car.
  10. New Type-R Style Rear Diffuser for 10th Gen Si Sedan from ABS Dynamics

    Need more pics. Also, not sure I am a fan of the two nubs that stick up from it.
  11. Ramps for lowered cars

    Using some wooden boards would be the cheap solution.
  12. What's your SI looking like today?

    Nope, and If you want an idea for what your in for
  13. 2020 Si/5D Front Fascia Garnish Retrofit

    Mine shipped yesterday, but they were on back order for a little while.
  14. 2017 Civic EX-T LED Conversion

    Once you have the lights and adapters, the hardest part is pulling the bumper.
  15. What's your SI looking like today?

    2020 vent conversion finally done.
  16. 2017 Civic EX-T LED Conversion

    The OEM LED headlights will work, but it will require an additional adapter harness to plug them in.
  17. Using Genesis Brembo

    I'd be very surprised if this setup didn't increase stopping distances over the factory setup.
  18. Ktuner isn't street legal, will this affect car insurance?

    In the past, you could pass SMOG while tuned as long as your readiness codes were set. Whether this is still true or not, I'm not 100% sure.
  19. J's Racing Fk8 Grill

    The black chrome emblem works but it is a little small for the holder. Edit: As I have it laying around