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  1. EX-T owner drives an LX

    I totally agree. The 2.0 is underrated and a ktuner takes care of that top end loss. Another thing is if it was a manual transmission helps a lot to. It is a very linear response when tuned all the way to redline. But that’s the difference of an N/A engine and a turbo engine. But the turbo is...
  2. Aftermarket Stereo Upgrade Answer for LX/Sport 2017.

    Yeah I just haven’t seen it proven. I just didn’t feel like tearing into mine without some proof. But like I said as cool as keeping the stock camera might be, I’ll probably just fork out the money for an aftermarket camera. But I would like to see if it works for someone, then I might change my...
  3. Aftermarket Stereo Upgrade Answer for LX/Sport 2017.

    But my headunit has a aftermarket backup camera for my headunit that I could buy and install but I just haven’t done it, and I believe it has 4 views. But I’m planning on upgrading my headunit soon so I’m gonna wait till then to add an aftermarket camera.
  4. Aftermarket Stereo Upgrade Answer for LX/Sport 2017.

    Here is a video of the factory unit going through the views. As you can see it’s the wide angle view we are stuck on. The view most people like is the normal view. But nobody can seem to figure out how to change it. Aftermarket radios get stuck on wide.
  5. Aftermarket Stereo Upgrade Answer for LX/Sport 2017.

    Yeah that’s how mine looks to. This is the “fish eye” look everybody is talking about. It’s actually just the wide angle view. If you select the wide angle view on the factory unit it looks the same way. It’s just the new head unit is clearer and makes it more noticeable. The problem is we can’t...

    The front half resembles the accord while the back resembles the civic type R. Hmm it’s definitely a big change. They might be on to something here. The wing has also been redesigned. That camo is doing a damn good job at protecting the styling because I can’t make much out of it.
  7. Trading in modded car

    The only thing that I’ve ever been hit with was tires. They always take off for tires because according to them they have to put new tires on the car regardless if you just put a new set on. So there goes a grand right there. They say it’s for liability reasons they can’t let a car leave their...
  8. Trading in modded car

    That’s never happened to me. I’ve traded in modded cars and trucks. They usually just drive it around. As long as everything works like it’s supposed to then you’re good. I always got the value based on the mileage, year, and overall condition of the vehicle.
  9. Aftermarket Stereo Upgrade Answer for LX/Sport 2017.

    Can you show how your camera looks in reverse. Mine has the fish eye view. But it’s just the wide angle view since we lose the ability to switch views it just stays stuck on that view.
  10. Trading in modded car

    I wouldn’t mention any of it. But I would put as much back to stock if you can. As far as emblems and exhaust, that shouldn’t be a problem. If you are trading it in at a Honda dealer they can get the emblems and put them on in their shop. Even the exhaust can be returned to stock in their shop...
  11. Any owners here with the 2.0 engine here?

    You can send a message to ktuner and see what they say. Maybe it’s the software on your computer
  12. Any owners here with the 2.0 engine here?

    No I never seen that. But sounds like you need to go to ktuner website and download the new software.
  13. What is more reliable for the long term 2.0L vs 1.5L Turbo

    I wish I could find that article that I read about how Honda had designs the intake on the 1.5t that kinda put my mind at rest about the oil dilution. You don’t need an oil catch can on these motors because they already designed the engine to deal with that. But as far as longevity nobody knows...
  14. What is more reliable for the long term 2.0L vs 1.5L Turbo

    I think this question can not be answered right now. The 2.0 is a proven design so you know it will last. The 1.5t hasn’t been around long enough to prove itself yet. But I’m pretty sure Honda tested the hell out of it before they decided it was ready for production. But only time will tell. I...
  15. Ktuned 2.0 gas mileage

    Yes it is a noticeable difference. Vtec was recently lowered to 5300 rpm with the new update from ktuner. I think the engine runs perfect now. You also can improve throttle response and adjust the rev limiter a bit. Also remove the top speed limiter. There is just so much you can do with the...
  16. '19 Si Coupe Speaker Upgrade (worth the money?)

    35hz is very good for SQ.
  17. '19 Si Coupe Speaker Upgrade (worth the money?)

    I’ll have to look them up. Yeah I’ve tried building my own boxes in the past and they sound like crap lol. That’s when I realized I need to let the pros do it. Like I’ve been told, the box makes the sound and the sub is just the motor. The box has to be tuned and built to spec for that sub if...
  18. 2.0L Tell us your exhaust setup 2.0

    I’ll have to make some. I’ve been needing to do that. I’ll try to do that this week
  19. 2.0L CivicX 2.0L Tuning - BIG Gains Confirmed For The Second Time

    But that’s what I mean. I get in my hatchback and it acts like a normal cvt when you are just cruising. But when I floor it then it gives that fake shift and almost seems to slow it down. I have tried keeping it in low gear and it does prevent the fake shift, but hear it actually isn’t designed...
  20. 2.0L CivicX 2.0L Tuning - BIG Gains Confirmed For The Second Time

    But do people even want fake shifts? I know all the people I know don’t.