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  1. Where do you store your pistol?

    Came in today!
  2. IAT correlation

    Home depot is all i can tell you...i should have made a parts list when i was doing this.
  3. IAT correlation

    Mishimoto lower and the lid was made from a Rubbermaid office trash can lol. It all worked extremely well for its intended purpose. The thought process was to emulate how the R and the base 2.0 is setup. Not really sure why Honda skimped on the si inlet.
  4. Where do you store your pistol?

    Oh lawd. Dont come into a pro-2a post if your not pro-constitutional rights....
  5. STFT & LTFT what a different fuel can do

    different load factor going down or up a hill. Not a concern. Dont run below 1/4 tank of gas.
  6. Modern Torque Targeting ECU Drive by Wire Throttle and its benefits VIDEO

    Nice video going into detail of essentially how our modern hondas (and a lot of others) utilize the electronic throttle bodies for performance and control benefits.
  7. Tell me the name and role of the part in the picture.

    a/c drain tube, throttle pedal sensor/plug, sound deadening, blend door servo motor/position sensor and plug, various fasteners and plastic structure pieces..............................................
  8. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    Ahhh i understand. Seems productive ;)
  9. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    I shouldn't have even tried to chime in. Dam me to hell for thinking maybe i was helping It's not a this vs that thing for me. I have given hondata plenty of shit too! 10 fold more probably! It's no hard feelings.
  10. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    Well if one is useless and to be ignored and the other has kept all the motors I've handled happy then whatever it is must work. I would rather have something i can watch to anticipate k control moving before it happens, ideally. In lieu of a self admittedly useless sum of misfires. (Again...
  11. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    Good one! Snicker Snicker tee hee!!
  12. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    See this is where i get confused then. So your derogatory statement was aimed at me personally. Care to elaborate why?
  13. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    Can I have your autograph sir?? I guess my lack of nut swinging a product or person on here strikes again. I am so sorry I purchased Hondata sir, please sir, forgive me as I know this goes directly against this websites company policy. I was naive in the error of my ways. Your acceptance is...
  14. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    Save that for someone else. All I care about are results. At the end of the day controlling an engine correctly/safely is what everyone is after. You just need accurate data to do so. I normally keep my fingers from typing anything anymore but I am glad I instigated some productive...
  15. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    Fair enough. If honda expresses it like this natively, then how do we have such a stark contrast? Is hondata pulling the knock count numbers out of their ass only when k control moves? @Hondata would you care to chime in? This is special lol Poor Derek is exasperated from explaining this...
  16. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    This does add some clarity. I have to ask though. What would be the different parameter altogether being monitored for the same "named" data? .And why leave it labeled knock count? So it seems to me that hondata reports the better observable parameter that matches common tuning logic being...
  17. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    360 glitches example above is accurate.....4-5 is nothing generally. Except for the "ignore it" part. The others arent what I would consider wrong....just inadequately explained and dangerously misleading to be telling the average person.
  18. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    Take it however you want. May be true for them. Similar system is used in turbo buicks and they also repeated a similar narrative. Knock sensor readout is "raw knock sensor data" takes this data and chooses whether or not to respond to it via knock retard/recovery methods all based...
  19. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    I mean quite literally I had a "customers" car this past weekend we had dialed to essentially zero counts during the cooler whether.....(I told him then to expect some changes that would possibly need adjustment when the heat of summer started to hit)......he saw 51 counts in a 40 minute drive...
  20. PRL Flex Fuel Kit review

    So you delayed the power by rpm in all gears untill 3500 rpm? If so then you should be fine. If not then sending full boogie in 4th and up (say from 2500) would likely cause some issues. 1st and 2nd really shouldnt need any reduction except to prevent wheelspin.