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  1. which engine oil do you guys using?

    I use @Purol_Usa full synthetic 0w-20 with just intake & engine management. If i was full bolt ons with flex fuel id switch it up to 5w-30
  2. Suspension noise - replace end links?

    Your end link isnt suppose to have play like that swap them out double check tie rods ball joints
  3. Thought going from 0W-20 to 5w-30?

    I mean im not pushing ethanol yet but i just have a basemap tune from ktuner & an 3” intake. I do live in SoCal so it does get hot. I ask because my oil company is short on 0w-20 & itll take up to a week & im already low as it is. Thats where the idea of 5w-30 came into mind. I do plan to go...
  4. Thought going from 0W-20 to 5w-30?

    Im in SoCal so heat picks up. Plus id have to wait 1 week for 0w-20 & im runnning low on oil.
  5. Thought going from 0W-20 to 5w-30?

    Title says it all i know there are some 10th gens that switched up to 5w-30. Just wanna know why & if it messes with anything really. I know there are threads out there but i got annoyed of searching lol
  6. Si Ktuner Datalog Help

    If youre worried about pushing your car after a couple pulls should look into doing cooling mods for that turbo.
  7. @Xgenparts on instagram

    Thanks guys i appreciate it!
  8. @Xgenparts on instagram

    Hey everybody, just a quick announcement. If you guys are active on Instagram i have a page that helps sell parts on Instagram for only 10th gen Civics @xgenparts. Please give them a follow I appreciate the support!
  9. Ceramic coating in 626 area

    @sag_autoworks on Instagram he does good work in Downey CA great prices. DM him saying @_.berr sent you
  10. 1 year later.... How is your clutch?

    I would swap out that flywheel. Dual mass + a basemap tune can cause alot of chatter = you need a new flywheel soon
  11. 1 year later.... How is your clutch?

    I was thinking with ACT or the type r clutch with the single flywheel. Ive had exedy & i go thru that clutch in a year or less.
  12. 1 year later.... How is your clutch?

    I have a 19 Si it was stock till i hit 8k miles so it was fairly short. I been on Ktuner basemaps for 6 months now after being on it i noticed more chatter in the flywheel. I do have the TSP stage 1 tune but havent uploaded for the reason being of my clutch burning out. Bearly reaching a year in...
  13. Coupe’s

    Wasssup fellow coupe owners IG @_.berr for more updates
  14. Cargo Organizer

    Do you know where i can find these? Having a hard time
  15. Camber Bolts

    Has anyone tried camber bolts on our 10th gen platform. I know suspension isnt the same as the previous gens (MacPherson).
  16. Kazuo_WFC 2017 Civic Type R build

    Oh no the rear im fine. Its the front im wondering how you got -5. I have the roll centers but theyre from SPC.
  17. Kazuo_WFC 2017 Civic Type R build

    How did you squeeze -5? Im running coilovers with camber plates & spc "front camber kit" but its the same as what you with the hard race. Maxed out at -3 lol
  18. Kazuo_WFC 2017 Civic Type R build

    Hey whats up! Clean build not many people can kill the FK8 stance its rare you see one like this. Overall great build. How much camber were you with the RGs & now with the Works?