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  1. New Wheel / Time Questions

    Those types of weights are fine. They are placed to balance the tire/rim combo. However, one of those looks like it has a LOT of weight. It might have been better to try rebalancing at least that one ;) T/R = Tire rack? They want you to follow your owners manual when tightening the wheels.
  2. SS 1LE or Civic Type R: What would you do, dad?

    Agree on the wagon.. but finding a sporting wagon nowadays in the US? E63? Maybe an older RS6? just aren't many to choose from. Sometimes you don't want to use a roof rack. There is a lazy convenience to the SUV, hence its explosion in the market. What's left in the wagon market right now? (...
  3. SS 1LE or Civic Type R: What would you do, dad?

    Why not a cpo Chevy SS sedan? (or CTS-V / ATS-V ). You like GM products (Camaro, Silverado) already. At $35-40K, there are other choices I would likely make before choosing a CTR.
  4. Civic SI vs 86/FRS/BRZ again..

    The Si's low end tq advantage over the BRS makes it the easier car to drive "off boil". The FWD makes it easier in inclement weather. Its also more accommodating, even as a 2dr, for carrying the occasional 3rd / 4th person /dog. More practical overall. More fun? maybe. Only you can decide what...
  5. Were You Able to Buy the Color You Initially Wanted?

    I test drove a black Si sedan. Went back to buy it. Only when doing the paperwork the dealer mentioned.. "and you wanted black, correct? We have a white a blue sedan as well". D'oh! I liked black.. but then I saw it in white and it looked good. I didn't like the blue. Of course, after about 9...
  6. SS 1LE or Civic Type R: What would you do, dad?

    It pains me greatly to say this... since both the SS 1LE and Type R are fantastic cars.. But.. you have a motorcycle.. make that your "me time" vehicle. Your family life is telling you that more comfort and practicality are needed for the time being... You like trucks, V8power.. room.. Why not...
  7. Brakes problem

    Did they just replace pads? perhaps they need bedding in on the old rotors? Did they bleed the brake fluid (or flush out the fluid)?
  8. Picked up my 2020 si today

    Looks good. Enjoy!
  9. Coilovers

    I've heard/read that CV boots are easy to tear. Be mindful of that as you play with the front end.
  10. Can’t shift smoothly after 1 year

    Can you isolate the issue a bit more? Upshift only? Downshift? Low RPM? higher rpm? rev hang issues? Engaging from a stop on a hill? I found the Si pretty easy to shift. The least smooth shifts were when the rev hang was obvious. Trying to shift too quickly? Maybe try slowing down your sequence.
  11. How much can I expect for my 2019 Si Sedan?

    This.. Lots of flake out buyers who still need to secure financing. While you might not get as much as waiting and selling privately, the ease/convenince of say Cargurus, or even your dealer, might be worth it to you. The 2020's are out there and I bet dealer financing is pretty easy for most...
  12. Car Bras

    A "clear bra" or a "fabric" bra? Most have shed the old style black vinyl ones for some Paint Protection Film by firms such as 3m. Sleeker. Doesn't damage the paint.
  13. Windsheild wiper fluid

    Maybe they just need to be aimed better? And consider, they need to be effective at both highway speed and parking lots. Hard to get them both right. Too low a pressure and they won't work at speed. To high a pressure and they shoot over the whole car. Life is a compromise.
  14. A/C Blowing Hot

    Mine blew hot. Mine was a failed condenser. Several known issue threads about AC system on these 10th gen models. Mine happened at 18mo/30K miles.
  15. Type R fenders on SI

    I would think they fit. I imagine the Coupe/Sedan and Civic share common front end components from a crash engineering perspective. It is likely that the fender will not meet the door in a way that looks correct, but its your car. I'd do a google search as your answer is out there!
  16. Lightweight 15" wheel/tire recommendation

    A curious solution to a problem I didn't know existed. Most of the time, folks are looking for larger brakes to better handle heat or for appearance. But you've decided to go the other way. In fact, the only reason I could see why folks would want this is if they are building a "drag car"...
  17. 17" wheels on sport hatch

    In most cases, small spacers up to larger adaptors are needed to push the wheel "out" to be flush or close to the fender lip. Depending how close to the lip can cause other issues like rubbing, especially when you hit a bump. Thats why often times, folks do two things at once: 1) Lower the car...
  18. Advice on selling my '19 SI Sedan in white.

    Carvana tends to offer a little more money than Carmax. You might also check with the dealer you bought from as they could be interested. Are you looking for top dollar? The endless tire kickers? the guys who say they will come and meet you and see the car and never show? The joy ride seekers...
  19. Civic Si Summer Tire Ordeal (rant)

    Bummer. I had two tire punctures on my Si in 18 months. I did NOT like not having a spare.. and did NOT like having to wait around for Honda Roadside assistance. Get in line and put an order in for the "spare tire kit". AAA may or may not be better than the Honda program afterall. I was...
  20. Are car sales legally binding?

    Just give them the car back.. and if you traded in a car, ask for that back as well. Similar posts have been made here before about a dealer indicating they made a mistake and need to get more money from the buyer. They have all been told to "pound sand".. and thats what they end up doing.