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  1. Just an LX

    not much going on with my car... getting Si conversion parts together (just exterior) and good for another 3 years :)
  2. Foam Seal Between Dash and Windshield

    Just noticed foam seal between dash and windshield is sticking out on my 16 CIvic, car only has 8000 miles on it and covered with 5 year extra warranty. Is it something Honda can fix under warranty?
  3. Type-r front Subframe brace

    is yours 2.0?
  4. Kazuo_WFC 2017 Civic Type R build

    damn your camera is also pretty good quality
  5. How long do your factory brakes last?

    on stock pads and rotors since 2016.... but we only have 9000 miles on it :D
  6. LTW Project - warning ugly car inside

    so your new wheels are 215/55 R18?
  7. Just an LX

    thank you :) No, no amp yet, just stock LX HU. I'm planning small underseat sub, that should be enough in my case
  8. Michael's White 2018 1.5T Sedan

    how did you connect foot well lighting? can you please show pics of installation and where did you buy it?
  9. 2020 Si: The Saga Continues

    oh so you have aftermarket sub and OEM sub working together? gotcha, thanks man
  10. 2020 Si: The Saga Continues

    Hey, quick question about subwoofer, did you keep your stock sub working or disconnected it? And you took signal from it, right? Sorry, just lost a little :(
  11. Blinking Brake Light Bulb

    Price is OBO!
  12. WTB L15B7 Motor

    ebay full of those starting from $500 shipped
  13. Blinking Brake Light Bulb

  14. Blinking Brake Light Bulb

    unfortunately they won't fit 7443, 7440 have different socket connectors But hey, Isee you in San Jose, stop by my office in Santana Row we can try them
  15. Blinking Brake Light Bulb

    No, didn't really care about V3, not sure if they have any v2s, maybe I missed them, but V1s are working great so far in all my vehicles, never really had any issues with them
  16. Blinking Brake Light Bulb

    Fits 2018-2020 Honda Odyssey, 2016-2020 Honda Civic etc if your car uses the same brake light bulbs, which is 7440 they will fit your car as well, I used them in my 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport for a month Asking price $25 per pair shipped , used for a month, no issues, never had any trouble with...

    you should probably take it to honda and get rid of that light
  18. ebay painted bumpers

    I used to buy painted spoilers from them, my Civic has a painted spoiler from them for last 2 years, no paint issues, it 99% matching paint as well. I asked them few questions about painting bumpers, but never got a reply