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  1. [Canada] Anyone with experience buying wheels across border?

    What kind of wheels are you looking?
  2. Best place to buy a Ktuner 1.2 (from Canada)?

    join us on 10thgen club ontario on our facebook and ig. we had someone sell their V1.2 on our facebook
  3. 2.0L Any tunes for the 2.0L yet?

    They are both cvt. They are both on 87 Octane. It's about 1 to 2 car length on the hwy
  4. 2.0L Any tunes for the 2.0L yet?

    I got a question. My friend has 2.0 with ktuner, intake and muffler delete. He was racing a completely stock 2.0 And he lost the hwy pull Does anyone have any idea?
  5. Ontario check-in!

    Come join us on Facebook and Instagram @10thgenclub we would love to have another green coupe in our group!!
  6. Selling my Ktuner V2

    Hondadroid is from Canada, he misread OP's location... Ontario, California
  7. Ktuner V1 (Ontario, Canada)

    This is $560 Cad so you wont get hit by the duty and shipping
  8. Ktuner V1 (Ontario, Canada)

    Pick up in Ontario. Where are you located?
  9. Ktuner V1 (Ontario, Canada)

    Delete please
  10. Anyone installed aftermarket seats?

    im going to assume is the side bolesters and back support on the racing seats. but thats me. Snooopyslr is correct, try out a few style before purchasing. I remember Bride and Recaro are pretty comfy
  11. Anyone installed aftermarket seats? Jonny's old hatchback did recaro's and he's knowledgable with his old hatch. For the airbag issue, he said "Just need to test the SRS plug with a multimeter then insert the correct resistor." asked him the question before. I hope this...
  12. Best Body shop in GTA for Aftermarket Installs?

    You can try apex motoring in Mississauga which is also sponsor for 10thgenclub ontario join us on facebook and instagram!
  13. PRL Cobra CAI Install USDM Converion

    Saw this in person! Looks amazing!!! I see why PRL is the leader of the auto industry. Thanks for the DIY
  14. Spoon Heads Unite: Rebirth of the SW388

    I love the design but shit I dont like the price LMAO
  15. TypeR Vortex Generator on Hatchback?

    does anyone has the part number for it?
  16. Recommend HIDs in the Toronto Mississauga area

    Get it and I will install for it for $40 LOL honestly its not that hard to install It took me like 5 mins each side
  17. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Where did you get the red seat belts from? part number? PRETTY PLEASE? LOL
  18. Any Canadian here selling their alloys

    Selling the 17 ext wheels no tires if you are interested
  19. My Boo. Carmela.

    Im not looking instruction lol I know him in person. I wanna bug him and send me a pic of the installed on his car
  20. My Boo. Carmela.