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  1. Full spare tire set up in the truck of a 2020 Si sedan

    I tossed a full size spare in my trunk, but not in any nice fitted way. I just literally tossed it into the trunk corner. Doesn't move around, but you do lose a good deal of trunk space. So trying to put something large in there can become a pain.
  2. Flash Back to Stock include VIN and CVN?

    Oh, awesome. Thanks for the info! Coming from evo EcuFlash, we flash over EVERYTHING. So I was a little concerned.
  3. Flash Back to Stock include VIN and CVN?

    CA Smog has started to check VIN and CVN when they access the ODBII. I know we have the "Return to Factory" flash option, but I was curious if the Factory Tune that gets flashed back includes the correct VIN and CVN. Failure to have those will now get you state ref'd. My original plan when I...
  4. More front camber

    There's this which is supposed to work on Sport/Si/Type R:
  5. BAY AREA - lowering spring install shop?

    Could check out Speed Element in San Jose.
  6. This car and my luck... broken in without alarm going off?

    Do you keep your keyfob close to your house door? There's been breakins and thefts of cars where a thief will keep a signal booster near your door and amplify the signal from the fob. The car then thinks the key is nearby and will respond to someone just opening the door.
  7. FS: Used 27 Won Rear Motor Mount

    Sorry, no video. Startup has a pretty deep rumble and you can feel a minor vibration in the seats. Overall cabin sound definitely increases but nothing loud enough to block out your audio. Taking phone calls may be a bit more problematic. The feedback from turning, applying gas, and shifting...
  8. FS: Used 27 Won Rear Motor Mount

    Bought this to help with the wheel hop and get a little better feel from the car itself. It did the job but the noise and vibration are a little much for my daily driver. It has some scratches and scuffs as you do have to do a little shoving to get that thing in. At least removal/install of the...
  9. Maintenance/ Oil Change

    I do every 5K. Let's say it's even a little overkill to change that often, it's still better for the engine.
  10. Manual trans fluid change

    I used Amsoil Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid 5W-30. You need two quarts and will also want to pick up a new crush washer. Granted the washer is super thick and probably could be reused, but I prefer to just use new when I can.
  11. Manual Transmission Oil Change

    It seems to be 32 ft-lbs for the torque spec. according to the amsoil site.
  12. Manual trans fluid change

    Switched to the Amsoil recently. So far the shifting it definitely much smoother. There's still a tiny bit of crunch, but no where near as bad as it used to be. Just an FYI, even with the fill plug removed first, the fluid still kinda bloops out the drain instead of being a nice steady stream...
  13. 27WON SI Exhaust, What tips do you want?

    Single or dual tip. Though the biggest thing for me will be if the exhaust has good weight savings.
  14. Need More Camber. Options?

    I ended up installing these today. If you plan on doing this, do not think you can install and then drive to an alignment center. After we did these and the strut alignment pin removal, the toe out was huge. So huge that when we put it on the hunter rack it displayed a total toe out of 5 degrees...
  15. Rev-matching on Civic Si

    I wouldn't mind just having an automatic throttle blip when the clutch and brake pedal are engaged. Drove an STX prepped BRZ and it was nice to have when you needed to downshift before a turn.
  16. Manual Transmission Oil Change

    Interesting. I would've thought more like 40 Nm. I'll definitely have to double check; really wish they still did purchasable service manuals instead of online daily access.
  17. Manual Transmission Oil Change

    @planedoc , do you remember what the torque specs were for the drain/fill plugs? Thanks!
  18. SOLD: Acuity Throttle Pedal Spacer

    Part#1919. Didn't end up working out for me in any of the settings. Asking $60 shipped in the US.
  19. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    Yeah, 18x8 +45
  20. Headlight Bulbs...

    I use the Hikari LEDs. They have little ballasts, so you'll have to ziptie em somewhere if you go that route.