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  1. The Official ACUITY Instruments CivicX product launch thread!

    Biggest difference I noticed was the strength of the centering spring, it’s significantly beefier than the stage 2 one. Knob height adjustment is also nice and not available with the stage 2 kit. Acuity said that setting 3(of 5) for the gate spacing and throw distance is roughly equivalent with...
  2. TSP Stage 1 & 27WON Turbo with no bolt ons?

    I haven't gotten a chance to dyno it yet. I asked Derek for a rough guess, but I'm sure he hates getting questions like that since I didn't get an answer lol. I may or may not end up dyno-ing, but I don't know if it would matter much since I didn't do a baseline run before I got everything...
  3. TSP Stage 1 & 27WON Turbo with no bolt ons?

    This is literally my current setup, I just had the 27won turbo and ctr clutch retrofit installed at the beginning of the year in addition to my existing prl intake and intercooler. Car’s been e-tuned by drob and is close to the final calibration. Drives great, definitely a lot more power up on...
  4. Exhaust Poll - How Likely Are You to Upgrade?

    Ideally, I’d really like a valvetronic system hooked up to sport mode, but I know I’m asking for quite a bit without paying a lot of $$. Will certainly be looking to upgrade to either AWE, 27won, or thermal once this whole madness is over and I can save up a bit more.
  5. Honda should have made an Si hatch

    Would have loved if the current Si coupe was made as a liftback/sport back like the rsx, might’ve helped bridge the gap without needing to alter the current hatch lineup. +1 for 2 door hatches!
  6. Clutch Install places or people

    Got a similar price from Motorsport technique in Hayward. They’ve done some good work for me in the past and the guys are pretty nice but the work hasn’t been cheap. Had a similar experience trying to get in touch with Blacktrax. One guy I met at a show said sometimes you literally need to...
  7. Bay Area - Car Meets/Cruises?

    Saw a bunch of folks over at west lake in Daly City tonight. Anyone here from the forums go? Was trying to figure out what the meetup was but didn’t stop by to ask.
  8. What would be a worthy upgrade after the Si?

    You can, but the kit needs to be carb approved. I know stillen and vortech make a few for the 370z and the twins that are carb legal. Looks like there might be some for the mustang too. Wish the PRL kits For our cars were carb approved!
  9. What would be a worthy upgrade after the Si?

    I’ll add two more options that may or may not appeal to your taste/prefs: Q50s red sport has 400hp and can be as cheap as $25k (though I’ve heard mixed things) Tesla model 3 base is around $40k and still quick (0-60 in 4.5s, 13s 1/4 mile) but may not work for everyone’s routine/living arrangement
  10. What would be a worthy upgrade after the Si?

    Ah, I missed that response further down. Would still highly recommend looking used though, you can get a lot more car for the money. If you can be flexible about your definition of “new” lol a 2017 is still pretty new to me.
  11. What would be a worthy upgrade after the Si?

    I think $40k is right around the sweet spot for a lot of used options if you can afford it. Plenty of AMG options in that price range, or used M2’s. Audi S4s are in that range too, and so is the S6 if you’re looking for something bigger. I’ve found a handful of these on CarMax too so you can...
  12. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    Vehicle: 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe Total Tuned Time: 18 months Total Tuned Mileage: ~40k miles Tuning Device: Flashpro, ktuner v2 Tunes used: Hondata OTS +6/+9, TSP stage 1, custom IMW tune w/ DRob Fuel used: California 91 Additional Mods: PRL intercooler, PRL Cobra Intake, 27won turbo...
  13. Keyless remote battery low

    Literally just did this myself last week ^ it's super easy!
  14. BAY AREA - lowering spring install shop?

    I got mine done at Motorsport techniques in Hayward. I heard about them via another thread on here, I think Remus had worked with them in the past. Cost about $650 for the springs, rear camber arms and alignment. I tried calling around to some other shops, but most of them didn't pick up or...
  15. Grill options

    Nah, haven't pulled the trigger yet! Still deciding if I want to go badgeless or not. Let me know how the fitment is!
  16. Lowering Spring Recommendations & Install Cost?

    I don't think it's absolutely necessary, but I know to keep the OEM camber specs, you need them. I bought them when I got the springs and figured I'd just have it done proper and all together. Honestly, I've never had springs installed before so I may not be the best person to ask.
  17. Lowering Spring Recommendations & Install Cost?

    Just got the prokit installed last week with spc camber arms too. Total was about $600. I probably overpaid but I also haven't had any creaks or issues so I cant complain. Drop looks great and works well with the OEM setup, especially for a daily. In terms of feel, they're definitely stiffer...
  18. Grill options

    I've been looking at one of these too and I'd consider looking at ikon's. They're domestic, have a decently good reputation, and are a bit cheaper:
  19. 27WON introduces new "Tech Video Series"

    Yea, just to add to the above – I think a lot of general maintenance stuff would be great to cover too. I'm pretty new to cars and have managed to do a few bolt on upgrades, but should probably have a sounder understanding of more typical maintenance things. I don't think it needs to be...
  20. 27WON introduces new "Tech Video Series"

    This is great! Super excited to see you guys doing this and reaching out for ideas! Personally, would love to see some in depth videos on the turbo kit install, suspension upgrades like changing out springs/dampers (and maybe camber arms as a bonus), brake pad/fluid replacement, BBK install, and...