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    We've posted the first look at the 11th gen CIvic, and it happens to be a Type R!

    We just got our first look at what appears to be the next-generation Honda Civic for 2022! Even more interestingly, the new prototype has made its debut in the Civic's hot, Type R trim. Industry reports claim that the new Civic will ride on Honda’s new global platform, so we may be looking at a...
  3. 2020 Civic Type R Reviews Compilation

    ARTICLES Autoblog: 2020 Honda Civic Type R First Drive | Better driving and better value Automobile: First Drive: The New 2020 Honda Civic Type R Gets Even Better (Mostly) Autoweek: 2020 Honda Civic Type R Gets New Tech but Retains All Its Driver Engagement Car and Driver: Revised 2020 Honda...
  4. Pro Racer Reviews 2020 Honda Civic Si on Track

    Video: Accompanying Words: This week's edition of Pro Racer's Take features a historically much-liked nameplate around these parts: the 2020 Honda Civic Si. The Honda Civic Si has been an affordable enthusiast favorite for decades now, or, frankly, for what felt like a century before the...
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    By default, the site sends an email notification regarding a new reply to a thread you're watching only if you've viewed the thread since receiving the last email notification. Otherwise, it will not continue sending emails for further replies. However, if you prefer to receive an email...
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    There's a new profile field ("Build Thread") to display a link to your build thread. Simply edit your Account Details and insert the URL to your forum build thread in the "Build Thread" field. Once inputted, the link will be displayed in your user profile in posts.
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    To avoid confusion, there’s now a Type R prefix for the subforums
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    We've now split the sections into: Wheels | Tires | Brakes Suspension | Chassis
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    No they don't. We first tried having stickies appear, but it ended up in way too many stickies displaying because there's so many of them among the different subforums. So either way is not ideal, but we went with what we think was the better approach (since you can still jump into the different...
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    The default view for this Type R Forum Section is now an "Aggregated" view which shows all threads from the main Type R forum, as well as its various sub-forums (except the Classifieds forum). This allows for easy browsing of all Type R discussions without having to navigate down to each...
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  15. 2020 Civic Type R Price Announced at $36,995 (a $695 Increase)

    The 2020 Civic Type R pricing has been announced to start at $36,995 (not including taxes and destination). This represents a $695 increase from the 2019 Civic Type R, but the 2020 model adds upgrades to ride and handling, braking performance and engine cooling, as well as LogR, Honda’s...
  16. LogR Performance Data Recorder App launched for 2020 Civic Type R

    VIDEO: February 19, 2020 — TORRANCE, Calif. LogR™ is first-of-its-kind app from Honda, exclusive to 2020 Civic Type R Only datalogger that uses information directly from Type R’s onboard computer LogR™ saves laps, allowing drivers to track improvement over time One of the key features of...
  17. Live Pics: 2020 Civic Type R in Boost Blue From CAS

    More looks at the Boost Blue 2020 Type R on display at the Chicago Auto Show.
  18. 2020 Civic Si Reviews Compilation

    ARTICLES Autoblog -- "Still fun, and now a better value" Automobile -- Coupe and Sedan Drive Review -- "A Little Less Fun, a Lot Less Expensive Than a Type R" KBB -- "2020 Honda Civic Si First Review" Motor Authority -- "2020 Civic Si Brings Performance to the Masses" Motor1 -- "Honda...